A bit of back ground. Myself and my sister havent spoke since jan. She has a terrible attitude and started shouting at me for nothing. i asked her did she want a drink with her dinner about 20 mins after her shouting at me and she ignored me. There was no big fight or anything. My Dh and family think she is jelous that im pregnant. But my mam has gone cold on me. She only phones me when my sis isent in the house. My Dh was in hospital for 3 weeks and she never called to see him or offer to help me with my 2 ds's. So the other day she annonced she was going on holidays 2 days before my due date. And im really upset. She has gone from wanting to be in the delivery room with me on my 2 ds's ( which she wasent) to not wanting to be in the same country on this baby. I feel if things were ok between me and my sis she wouldent be going on holidays around my due date. Also My sis and her Ds are going on holidays aswell. Sorry for the long post. But am i being unreasonable. Has she the right to go on holidays when she want?