Am I just being hormonal?

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televisionhead Posts: 92
Thanks for your thoughts and kind words on this, am very glad to hear I am not completely nuts!
Roxanne Posts: 3201
It's probably the hormones a BIT but even so, I wouldn't like this either! Sometimes men need it laid out for them - tell him what you need. Decide between you that the computer doesn't go on until you've had a chat in the evening and let him know that he needs to check in with you and ask how you are feeling. Tell him that the pregnancy makes you feel tired and emotional and that you would appreciate it if he took a bit more notice. Obviously this is not your first baby and I think sometimes men presume we're superwomen who can take it all in our stride. The fact that he eventually got to the 'licking' stage means that he did get your point on some level! Congratulations on your pregnancy. :wv
ciaraella Posts: 5323
I'm not even pregnant and this would annoy me! When DH and I first moved in together he used to be home before me and would be on the computer and would shout down hello when i came in but wouldn't come downstairs. It really annoyed me because i feel that when someone comes home they should be welcomed home. I made a point of never going upstairs and waiting for him to come down, and if i was home first i would welcome him home and hug him and ask how his day was. It's now the done thing in our house, a welcome, bit of a chat etc before anyone goes and does their seperate thing. I just feel it's really important and maybe you should suggest to DH that before any facebook etc that sit down together, even for half an hour and catch up on the day.
foxglove Posts: 587
I dont think you are being hormonal at all, sometimes tv and pc need to take a back seat. I think alot of couples have this issue,myself & DH included - it was only last week we had a chat about it, DH mentioned that he doesnt enjoy his evenings watching tv on his own while im tapping away on the laptop beside him,i am glad he did tbh as i was oblivious to it and it can lead to an unhealthy relationship. We have now decided to ease back on the pc/tv and spend time chatting to each other instead. when you have kids you have so little time together as a couple and it think its v important to make the most of that time. Why not have a quick chat about it, it will probably make all the difference, i know it did for us.
happymum2b Posts: 186
That would annoy me too. Maybe because you are tired and not feeling too well it's getting to you more. Def have a chat with him and let him know how you frrl. Men often need it really spelt out for them (talking from experience here :o0 :o0 ). I find if I sit DH down and explain het gets it then.
MammyC Posts: 3621
Ah no - I'd be pissed off too. Ask him how he would feel if you were chatting to men giggling like a school girl and totaly ignoring him.... Or better still... Do it for a few nights! When he gets annoyed he will understand!!