Am I Mad??? Hair and Make up for the Bridesmaids

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Vivienne1andonly Posts: 1
I am paying for my bridesmaids hair and make up on the wedding day but haven't shopped around much. I'm booked in to a salon that is charging me 20e for make up and 45e for and up style per BM. Then its 55e for my hair and 20e for my make up. Does this sound like a crazy price? Is the bride still supposed to pay for bridesmaids?
Smilinmaz Posts: 446
That's very cheap. I paid 325 for makeup (me, 2bm, mother and sis in law) and paid 225 for hair for (me, bms and sis in law...flower girl was free) I paid for them all, I've never paid for hair and makeup when a bm.
whereland Posts: 472
That actually sounds very cheap! Can't remember exactly what I paid for me and my 4 bridesmaids but it was a lot more than that.
confusedbride16 Posts: 52
I have a Hairdresser and make up artist coming to my house the morning of the wedding and I'm paying €340 For Hair and for the Make up €430(Me, 4 x Bridesmaids and my Mom) I think you are getting a great deal :ooh
jenny7785 Posts: 158
myself and four bridesmaids-250 make, 250 hair. i think its very cheap
JJ100 Posts: 43
Generally hair and make up would be paid for the bridesmaids - I've never had to pay and I've been a bridesmaid 4 times. Regarding the price, it does seem very cheap especially for the make up - is the person doing the make up a make up artist? The reason I ask is that when my sister was getting married she had booked a salon where we could get both done. When we went for our trial, our hair was lovely but the make up was terrible so she cancelled. Turns out the make up was being done by someone who wasn't professionally trained as an MUA. I paid €50 for my BM and €60 for my makeup (mine was more because I got some lash extensions). Hair was about the same price and my flower girls got their hair done for €10 each. Good luck
MrsP2be2015 Posts: 100
20 for makeup is so cheap! I paid 50 each for all of us. Yeah, the bride is still expected to pay for the bridesmaids' hair and makeup alright
MrsSparkle2B Posts: 1689
That's very cheap - I paid 350 for 2 bm, my mother & myself make up only & it was worth every penny. I have had make applied for cheap before & you get what you pay for, so definitely have a trial.
LadyLizzie Posts: 1724
That's a bargain. As said above check out the credentials of the MUA, or at least get a trial to make sure you are happy with it. And yep the bride generally pays for BMs' hair & make up.