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mrsmcduck Posts: 300
We've always wanted a fairly small wedding (50-70ish) with just family and close friends and we're now considering two options: One is getting married in Spain in Sept 09; the other is (wait for it!) getting married [b:1r6gecbv]this [/b:1r6gecbv]New Years Eve in a beautiful restaurant in the country close to where we live. Absolutely nothing is booked yet, these are just our two options. I told h2b that if the restaurant told us they would take us this New Years then it had to be a sign to go for it. So just found out this afternoon that they would open up especially for us (they usually close NYE)! The two options are just so different (abroad vs at home & freezing cold vs beautiful weather!) that my head is just spinning tyring to compare. Also, if we go for the NYE option that means I've only 6 months to plan everything. I've always thought this was do-able but now that I'm faced with it I'm beginning to wonder!! Any thoughts or advice would be great. Mrsmcduck
MrsTiredbride Posts: 3397
I'd go for this year if you could
StarOfBengal Posts: 57
MrsMcDuck - Go for NYE! :o)ll You are only having a smallish do, so you'd manage it no bother. I think the restaurant idea sounds wonderful.
Momof2 Posts: 3884
New years eve for sure!! It would be lovely way to start new year.
marriedLife Posts: 1881
I think the New Years Eve idea is better. I am going to a wedding this New Years eve and everyone is so looking forward to it because there is never anything to do for New Years. Six months is plenty of time to organise it - especially if you are not doing the big wedding thing - my sister organised a big wedding in seven months. One thing I would make sure if that you can also get the church/registry office for the same date before going ahead with it.
crazychick Posts: 763
Go for NYE! I'm getting married Dec 30th and only have hotel, church, band, and florist booked, and my dress picked (not ordered!) You could catch up with me by making a few phonecalls!!!
hot lips Posts: 453
Defo new years eve sounds so lovely and different. 6 months is lots of time to be honest get most stuff done in last few months GO FOR IT O-O
kelsar Posts: 690
I would defo go for New Years Eve, what better way to bring in the new year. you will be surprised how quickly you get everything sorted when you put your mind to it. good luck.
Oct09B2B Posts: 374
I'd go for the NYE option - love winter weddings. I know it will be cold but I love the colours etc.
MrsWhippy09 Posts: 2346
NYE definitely! The restaurant idea sounds lovely and so intimate! You might have problems getting suppliers for that date but if you start now you should be grand! Let us know what you decide! :o)ll