Am I pregnant? Lines not getting stronger..,

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isthisouryear Posts: 14
Morning ladies! I have been looking on the TTC pages over the last few months and reading up on all the info etc as we were hoping to TTC. My question is should the lines on the pregnancy tests get stronger as the days go by? Below is the background to my question... I took a few tests on Sunday (period was 1ish days late and had felt a bit nauseous on Sat) and got the following results. BFP on a first response, faint positive on clear blue (the one with the lines) but there was deffo a cross there and a not pregnant on a clear blue digital. I've been going crazy since then trying to figure it out. From what I saw the digital one takes more of the HGC levels to work so I figured the other two were right. Roll on this morning when I took another clear blue line test only to get a faint cross again. Still no period for me and think my boobs are getting more tender but freaking in case its a chemical pregnancy and my mind is making me experience the other symptoms...  So to sum it up, should the lines be getting darker every couple of days? I would really appreciate some advice. Thanks a mil.
Poppyseed Posts: 513
Hi, first of all a line is a line. The First Response tests are the most sensitive so you will get a BFP on one of those before others. I think it takes 2-3 days for the pregnancy hormone to double so wait another few days and test again. Try not to be worrying and if you can, try to hold out until the weekend before testing again........and Congrats! :o)ll
imMrsM Posts: 139
first response is the most sensitive test. I would recommend doing another first response in the morning. The girls here always say "a line is a line" the clearblue are less sensitive, but if you got a cross, even faint, it's still a positive :) The digital tests need a higher hcg level than the first response so maybe wait for another few days before trying it again. the lines on my fr tests did not get darker untill 2 weeks after my first positive test. :babydust:
isthisouryear Posts: 14
Thanks ladies! Im just hoping you're right. Couldn't sleep properly last night knowing i was testing again even tho i was wrecked. Fell asleep on the couch early I was so tired. Trying to be relaxed about it but its so hard! Ill just have to wait a few more days and try not to analyse everything!
under construction Posts: 3458
Best of luck but as the ladies above say a line is line :o)ll
ructions Posts: 2689
Wait a few days and test again. I had a similar experience which unfortunately turned out to be a chemical pregnancy. On DS I didn't test until I was 3 days late and got a positive immediately.
elsiemay Posts: 60
[quote="ructions":yr0y4ode]Wait a few days and test again. I had a similar experience which unfortunately turned out to be a chemical pregnancy. On DS I didn't test until I was 3 days late and got a positive immediately.[/quote:yr0y4ode] Unfortunately, Id the same experience as ructions last June. I got bfps on fr & clear blue (The lines one), faint positive but positives none the less, But never got a positive on a cb digi. That too was a chemical pregnancy. As the other girls have suggested definitely test again , lines should definitely get stronger as the days go on. I really hope its good news for you
black pearl Posts: 3513
hope all goes well for you xx a line is a line x
Mari yay Posts: 4045
You can get a false negative, ie a negative test when you ARE pregnant, but a positive test is a positive test!
isthisouryear Posts: 14
Thanks ladies! Ill wait a few days and test again. In the mean time ill just mind myself. Thanks again :-)