Am I pregnant or not?????

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Babes05 Posts: 3
Hi Ladies, dont post a lot but log on everyday to catch up on the chat. However I need some advice as Im really fustrated trying to determine if Im pg or not. Got married on the 27th December 05, had a wonderful day, went off on honeymoon and we have been at it nearly everyday hoping to concieve. Before wedding cycle was irregular like 28 days 33 days 40 days 25 days etc. wasnt charting as I was waiting until after we were married (were using condems as protection--havent been on the till for a long time). Im now on day 36 (last period 21/12/05) of my cycle and still no AF, however for the last 5-7 days increasingly my boobs have been very sore, nipples tingling and stinging...the last 2 days I have felt a little sick at different stages throughout the day... So did a test on Monday afternoon turned out neg. So did a test today Thursday ... it turned out neg. :x Really fustrated at this stage.......wondering am I arnt I, I feel I am but the test is showing differently.. Anyone else get lots of neg results and end up being pg....or should I consider myself not pg!!! Any advice, suggestion would be greatly appreciated. Many many thanks.
Ramoi Posts: 80
Hi Babes05 Congrats on your wedding. I don't think you will find me much help, but I would wait another 4 days or so (seeing as you were irregular coming up to the wedding and that would be 40 days) and test again if nothing. There could be any number of reasons for the delay - pregnancy a big one obviously but I remember with me the long flight for honeymoon and time difference, excitement and build up to the big day threw me all outta sync. If you can't bear to wait maybe try a different brand of test in the morning. I hope u get the result you want. Best of luck. R
tasket Posts: 306
I agree, wait a few days (or as long as you can stand it!) and test again. I believe First Response Early Response are really sensitive - they're supposed to be accurate up to 4 days before missed period - maybe try them? They are pretty dear I think but it'd be worth it! Good luck, let us know how you get on!! :wv
MrsC2B Posts: 500
Was due AF on our wedding day, didn't arrive so did test about 5-6 days after while on honeymoon as was feeling poorly and it came up negative, did another one about another 6-7 days after that which would have put me at around 12 days past AF due date and hey presto, a lovely positive so at the risk of getting your hopes up you could be PG, it can take a while for the PG hormone to show up in some people so fingers crossed for you . . . .
Babes05 Posts: 3
Hi Girls, have been off this week, so havent had a chance to post back, thanks for your replies and advice. However AF came with a bang on Tuesday, somewhat disappointed but at lease now we can start trying again........better luck this month, fingers and toes crossed. Thanks again.