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mimmie Posts: 601
In a bit of a dilemma. I have 2 sisters-one with special needs and i asked both of them to be bridesmaids. I also wanted one of my friends and we decided 3 bridesmaids were enough. So,I made a really tough decision and chose between two of them. At the time (a year ago), she really was the best decision and was the most excited for me and really helpful. HOWEVER, now I feel she is really not bothered.Anytime i mention the wedding i feel like she is changing the subject.She lives with one of our other friends and I rarely see her as she is out with her all the time. I tx askin if she would be available to organise my hen with my sister an I ASAP and she said she was busy until the start of Feb!!! Little things are really starting to question why exactly im having her as a bridesmaid.Especially as the other girl (that i did not choose) is being so helpful and ringing me all the time to 'wedding chat'. Anyway, my question is - am I too late to ask the other girl now as I really feel she would be brilliant. Is 4 too many? My H2B thinks it way too many and is telling me to sack the other one!!! Sorry this is so long. My head is wrecked. O:|
mimmie Posts: 601
sorry meant to say there is 6 months until the wedding....
MeSB Posts: 3785
tararod Posts: 562
I'm having 4 bridesmaids too and I'm sure alot of other b2b's have 4 bm's or more. I would ask this girl to be a bm especially as she is so excited about your wedding and is showing a real interest. Sure it might add a little extra cost but at least you know that with this girl she'll happily help you out and will be happy to discuss wedding plans with you. imo it will make it easier and more enjoyable for yourself to have a bm who is realy interested in your wedding. She sounds like a better candidate than the one you have chosen although it might not be a good idea to sack her from the role. Dont bother giving yourself any unnecessary sress coming so close to the big day. Just my opinion
deda Posts: 1220
Ask her at least you will have one reliable friend that you can depend on.
bridetobe2009 Posts: 1423
4 isnt too many bridesmaids at all.Im having 4, the more the merrier.
sunflowergalcork Posts: 481
i dont think that it is too late to ask her. just remember the extra cost and if that doesnt bother you then i would say go for it!! the things that i regret about my wedding are the things that i didnt do and the people i cut from doing prayers because i thought there was too many. i really think you should go for it.