american football style ring???

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happilywed Posts: 638
hi all am hoping someone can help me out as you all usually do my h2b is mad into american football and as a way of bringing this large part of his life into our special day i would absolutely love to get him a ring which i just seen online which was like a typical gold wedding band but had the same style of stippling as an american football and the stitching...i have the pic saved but have no clue how to post pics :-8 its sounds crazy i know but it actually didn't look too bad ...i have emailed the company but they are based in america so i would be reluctant to purchase form across the pond ..does anyone know if i would be able to get the same design anywhere here ???or could suggest a reasonably priced jewler that might be worth a look,,,am based in dublin but would be willing to travel for this as h2b would love it ?/? :wv
sillysocks Posts: 1390
Depends on the ring but there are lots of places in Dublin that will make rings to order I think. I've seen a lot of posts of people who've had their rings specially made so don't see why that ring wouldn't be able to be made once you have a pic of it! might cost a bit more than a 'standard' ring but at least it would have extra meaning for you.
happilywed Posts: 638
the website the picture is on if anyone would be able to suggest someone who could help me ???? i have emailed a few places so far but would love the reliability of a wollies stamp of approval
a_happier_me Posts: 112
Just a suggestion: There is a jeweler here in Galway where we took our rings to be sized. Our rings are family heirlooms. H2B is a large man, and the sizing of his ring is much larger than the standard sizes. My point being this: The jeweler there took the time to make a special mold that fits my H2B's hand, so that he could get the proper sizing. It's worth a go to make contact with them and see what he can do. He may be able to make the ring you want based on the design you want, or order it for you from the states so that the burdon of getting it here is on his shoulders, not yours. Might be worth a shot. PM me if you want the jeweler's name and phone number.