american shoes sizes

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specialbride Posts: 54
hi Chick! I came across a web site somewere on the form given you irish shoes sizes in amercia sizes, but i cant find it now can anyone help?? Please :o)ll
Buttons Posts: 157
It's two less than it is over here. So I'm a 10 in American shoe sizes but only an 8 here! :o)ll Most shoes will also come in half sizes over there, which can make it easier if you're a little in between sizes.
Alias Posts: 214
Actually, I'm usually a 5 (sometimes a 5 1/2) here, but I'm an 8 in american sizes. I calculate american sizes from european sizes - a 38 is an 8 in american sizes - just drop the 3 usually.
specialbride Posts: 54
well i'm an irish size 6 so i'd be so i'd be an 8 over their would i be right??
schratt Posts: 68
[quote:3c8ijz88]well i'm an irish size 6 so i'd be so i'd be an 8 over their would i be right??[/quote:3c8ijz88] or a 9. contact whoever you're buying it from and tell them what european size you are, they'll usually help. my web site ( calculated my size for me and told me the brand I was ordering runs small, so to order a size bigger. the shoes fit perfectly!
Bookworm Posts: 156
I bought some shoes on Amazon the other day & was totally confused! I'm UK size 5 or European size 38 - all good so far. I checked out the size on some shoes I bought in America & they were a 7. The sizing chart for the shoes on Amazon however says that Eur38 is the same as UK4.5. Problem with shoes is that you really have to try them on & where possible go by the manufacturers sizing. PS: Just looked at the shoes I have on now and they are 4.5 (non-leather) In summary - go by your Irish size and add 2.