An Chuirt Gweedore Court Hotel

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Ms Babydoll Posts: 24
yes, i know i'm still looking at wedding venues, i need to pull the finger out and decided a date! just wondering if anyone has any reports good or bad about the Gweedore Court? my h2b had a look at it today while he was out working and thought it was lovely but we don't know of anyone who has ever been to it. any comment appreciated, thank you!
jcc Posts: 284
Lovely place, Fab setting. Haven't been to a wedding there but I've eaten there and the food is lovely. Reports from weddings are really good. Its in such a beautiful place. Its definately the best of whats available in that part of the world.
brookee Posts: 751
thats where i'm having my reception next year it's fab got a tour of the bridal suite etc and couldnt have been more impressed
H2B is Bridezilla Posts: 89
H2B is from up that direction and his family have all said that it is a lovely place to have a wedding. As someone else mentioned it seems to be the best place around there. Where else are you thinking about having it?
rathkenny Posts: 936
Hi Ms Babydoll :wv We just booked it a week ago for our wedding next year! We were so delighted to get it after a lot of hassle with the original reception venue we had booked! :o)ll I have never been to a wedding there but have asked lots of locals and my H2B's family & friends & I haven't heard a bad word said about it (and this was before we booked it so they weren't just being nice!!). (I'm a Dub so didn't know anything about the hotel!!) We're getting married in Glendowan outside Letterkenny so it's a gorgeous drive to the hotel through Glenveagh and it's near Dunlewy which is a fantastic place for photos. :xox :lvs I've was very impressed with the staff when we went to have a look around. When the functions guy was going through the wine list (before we'd even booked) he disappeared for a few minutes and arrived back with 3 bottles of wine for us to try!! I hadn't experienced that anywhere else! :o)ll :o)ll Anyway I could talk about this all night but I'm happy with the venue we've picked and I've every confidence that the staff will ensure we have a great day. If you need any other info let me know! :wv
Ms Babydoll Posts: 24
thanks everyone for your replies and its nice that all reports so far hav been good. we've decided to go and look at the gweedore court on saturday along with a couple of other hotels so we'll hopefully be able to make a decision soon. have looked at quite a few hotels, think the more you see though the harder the decision is! have already looked at the redcastle, ballyliffen lodge, harveys point, abbey. am quite flexible about where and when i want to get married so maybe thats part of the problem, too much choice! but i do hope i like the gweedore court, i do want a venue with a lovely location and view, which it seems to have. i will keep you informed!
H2B is Bridezilla Posts: 89
Have been to a wedding in Harvey’s Point and also stayed there for a few days and it is wonderful. The food at the wedding was the best food I have ever had at such an event and then when I stayed there for a few days the food and staff were fantastic. The best thing about the food at the wedding was the desert, it was a buffet and they had a chef there making crepes. The location is also pretty spectacular, possibly not quite as nice as An Chuirt but still really pretty. It is a few years ago now since I stayed in Harvey’s point and the rooms were not that nice but I did hear that the bridal suite was very nice. There was also loads of good B&B’s around there for guests to stay in.
gerbil Posts: 3528
hiya 've been to a wedding in harvey's Point and tbh it was very disappointing. Lovely setting, grounds are lovely etcetc but the food was indifferent, and the staff rude....
gemstar Posts: 52
Hi girls, I was at a wedding in an chuirt in August. we travelled all the way from midlands(took us 5 hours drive). I was never in Gweedore in my life and i was gobsmacked at how rural it was. The scenery is beautiful up there, unfortunately the weather was crap though. i must say the hotel is fab, the rooms are fab and the food was fab. but i have to say i did not like the staff they have working there, i found most of them very distant. Being from the midlands we are very friendly, and love a natter and a laugh. but i just found the staff were not friendly at all. I work in the public sector and i think its very important to smile, be nice and chat when people are spending there money with you. Did anyone else feel like this about them or am i too friendly?? hahaha
Face Posts: 117
Hi girlies, I am another 'newbee' to this site and am overwhelmed by the tips and useful info offered. We have provisionally booked An Chuirt for next August and got a local chapel booked today - it is all soooo exciting! I have to agree that it is a fantastic location, one of the nicest in the county and I know personally that the hotel has a great reputation for quality and service - all you have to do is look at their bookings for next Summer and I have to say there are only a few Fridays available at this stage. Just enquiring about what bands you folks have booked for your big day? :o)ll :o)ll [/u]