An expecting mothers prayer!

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jamseyjo Posts: 1132
Just a little prayer for all is women who are pregnant. An Expectant mothers prayer. O My God, may the little unborn one that lies close to my heart grow strong and perfect and serve that purpose for which he or she is to be born, and if it be Thy will that we both survive this consumation of Thy Handiwork then give me, the grace to use with skill and understanding the great gift of motherhood. And in the pains and anguish of birth may I not be afraid, but brave and confident, lifting my eyes to Heaven in thanksgiving that You have allowed me to be an instrument of Your Love. O Mother of all mothers, guide and protect me in my pregnancy, help me to keep my mind and heart pure and free from sin, so that I may breathe and weave beauty and sacred thoughts into the soul of my little one. Mary Mother of God, pray for us. St. Gerard, pray for us.
under construction Posts: 3458
Thats lovely thanks for posting that. I must dig out the one i got at the ante-natal blessing i went to in the church on DS