Anabel karmel- which book for starting solids?

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PSF Posts: 157
Hi girls. Going to start my 16 wk old ds on solids in next while. Have been recommended anabel karmel but don't know which book to choose. She has so many. Anyone have any recommendations?? Cheers :wv
pag Posts: 633
Hi PSF, Annabel Karmel is great for getting recipes. Try The New Complete Baby & Toddler Meal Planner or Feeding your Baby and Toddler. All of her books are quite similar and there are repetitions of recipes in some books. Any of them work well for recipes. If, however, you want to have a better guide on what foods to offer first and how much to offer, Gina Fords Guide to Weaning, gives a much better outline. It goes through what foods and amounts and in what order, how to add in meals and new foods, which may be more what you want. I used both and found the recipes in the AK books were much nicer but the plans in GF were easier initially (recipes are a bit bland). I kinda used the recipes but did my own thing once I had an idea of what was expected.