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doolittle Posts: 910
Hi Ive decided to get one of the sensor pads has anyone experience of either? WHich is better? They both seem to have the same features so any help would be great thanks
Mammy rigomad Posts: 958
Hiya.We went for the Angelcare one as my BIL had one for their 1st and they found it brillant!!It really does do its job.He was in sitting room one night and didnt know that his wife had taken the baby out of the cot.The alarm went off on the Angelcare after 20 seconds and terrified the bejesus out of him!He couldnt get down to the room quick enough and thank god it was just a false alarm but it just goes to show that it really does work!!HTH with your decision. :wv
neeov Posts: 4256
Bought the angle care and set it up yesterday. You get instructions about how to test it and it looks like it really works. You can turn up the paranoia settings as well, make it extra sensitive and hear every baby sound, or keep it at normal sensitivity and voice activated. You can get it to alarm when the temperature gets too high or low. Its analog, so there is more chance of you getting overheard. There is no two way communication, you can hear baby but not talk back to her. Because the unit left under the mattress its less portable than a normal monitor, you can't move it to the pram or other sleeping place for baby. They say you need to have a fully flat surface, recommend adding a sheet of plywood under mattress. Its seems to work on our slatted base cot (in testing) On the plus side, its picking up baby movements rather than just sounds. I could not buy anything else but a sensor monitor. Look up the reviews on amazon too.
hipbaby Posts: 4530
I have the angelcare and love it. Its such peace of mind as when DD1 was born I was nearly in on top of her making sure she was breathing :-8 Then we got our AC monitor and I can't explain to you the relief I felt, I used to test it weekly to make sure I had settings right, haven't done it now in a good while though! So yes AC for me!
05bride Posts: 314
The girl in Tony Kealy's told me that the angelcare one was very difficult to use? Is this the case as I'm not in the least bit technical so it kinda turned me off buying it in case it would be too fiddly to use?