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linmaho Posts: 3
Hi I'm just wondering if any brides have used Angelo Bridal on Dorset street in Dublin, I can't find any reviews online but i'm loving some of the dresses online both for brides and bridesmaids, i'm really wondering would anybody recommend them and advise what kind of prices i'd be looking at pls? Cheers :)
AoifeMc9 Posts: 8
Hi, don't know if you have ordered from them yet but if not DON'T!!! I have had a horrible experience with them and despite having ordered bm dresses from them 7 mnts in advance, I am now a few weeks before my wedding with no dresses, loads of empty promises and excuses from them and no idea when or if they will arrive.
linmaho Posts: 3
Hi Aoife Apologies for the late reply here, I never received an alert to say I had a reply. Oh no really? that's awful i'm sorry to hear that, I hope it got sorted for you in the end? I had sent them 2 emails and got no reply from them, I have actually called them and arranged an appointment however I think I will be cancelling after hearing your experience. Has your big day arrived yet? Really hope they sorted out the dresses for you