Angelsounds Doppler ?

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Baby Brain Posts: 2
hi Ladies Can anyone help with with using this machine, i bought it off ebay and it arrived this morning but with no instruction manual (second hand) in the parcel there was the actual machine with a set of ear phones attached and a white lead but that was all, i thought there should of been some sort of microphone to put to your stomach to find heartbeat ? If anyone can help i would be sooo grateful, i was waiting 10 days for it to come in the post and im dying to use it, i really really hope im not missing any parts !!! Thanks :thnk Baby Brain
Crostini Posts: 1105
if you turn it upside down, there will be a circular bit sticking out. this is the mic. put some baby oil or water/gel on your tummy, switch it on and start ,moving it about to find babs heart beat!
wed2008 Posts: 258
babybrain, thats all you need, just do a quick check to make sure there is a battery in the back of the machine. There is a volume switch at the top turn this on - you should see a green light. PLug the headphones i, Hold the machine with the sensor bit against your tummy, and hoke around for the heartbeat - depending on how many weeks you are, but it is alot lower down than you think.
Baby Brain Posts: 2
thanks a million firstfor us and wed2008.... wed2008 i just 21 weeks so hopefully it wont be too hard to find, having loads of movement which is great but never heard heartbeat before ! thanks again girls :thnk