Angler's Rest for reception

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plumandpear Posts: 15
Hi, does anyone have any feedback about Angler's Rest (Strawberry Beds, Dublin) as a wedding venue? Thanks in advance.
14082010 Posts: 2103
never knew that was a wedding venue! Thought it was just a quiet pub, used to go there with my mam and dad on a sunday afternoon back in my youth :yelrotflmaosmilie:
Topsecretbride Posts: 147
I was at a wedding there (Winter wedding)and it was a brilliant venue. There was a drinks reception downstairs first in the area to the left as you go in the door, then the meal and dancing was upstairs afterwards. Food was excellent- we were given a menu with loads of choice which was brilliant, smoking area is fab and I dont even smoke, the bar is in the same room upstairs and the dancing area was perfect.Have to say that I loved it as a venue although originally I wasnt sure what to expect.If you need any more info let me know x
plumandpear Posts: 15
Thank you for the quick responses! I've never been there just came across it googling and the pictures were quite pretty. I couldn't find anything about actual weddings that had taken place there though, so thank you very much for that helpful information.
Topsecretbride Posts: 147
No problem plumandpear- as I said, I was really impressed with it as a venue and had been a tad dubious at first.It has a really lovely quirky feel to it and everything is on the one level (apart from the reception drinks bit)-bar, smoking area, actual reception room and toilets so it feels really exclusive. If you need any more information at all just let me know.
ikkelsharkie Posts: 5
Hi PlumandPear, I'm also thinking about Angler's Rest - if you've had any more feedback or met with them perhaps you could let us know how you got on? Thanks a million!
plumandpear Posts: 15
Hello ikkelsharkie, I'm afraid I'm not on here often so I just saw your message. I don't have too much more information - I did go and have a quick look and I thought the room was really pretty. It's kind of a shabby chic vibe, with some exposed stone and brick walls and so on. It seems to have been redecorated very recently. There's a bar, toilets, and an outdoor smoking area all in the private space upstairs so I imagine you wouldn't have to mix with the public in the restaurant and bar downstairs at all. I'd be interested to know what you thought!