Animal mistreatment

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Roz Posts: 588
Heya wollies, I posted this in WOL furry friends but need a bit more feedback :thnk Sorry for the long post but need advice. (And i am not exaggerating with these details) We recently got a kitten from a work collegue of my H2B. We brought her home and noticed she was scratching alot. My dad lifted her up by her neck and we saw about 10 fleas running around under her chin. There was no vet open so we went to a pet shop near where we live and where told she is too young for anything really strong like flea collar or flea powder (she wasnt even 8wks) so we were given a herbal wash to give her a bath. Went home and gave her one (with alot of difficult) and brushed her with a fine comb. We must have gotten about 40/50 fleas off her - and what i can only quess was hundreds of eggs. She was so badly bitten that when we pured the water over her it ran red with blood from all the bites. Anyway we thought we got rid of them all until the next morning we looked at her and there were just as many fleas and eggs on her so we washed her again combed her and got rid of them all. Went to the vet and she gave us those drops and cleaned out her ears as they were infested with mites. The vet said we were very lucky we took her when we did as she was going to dye. She is all healthy now and is thriving. I learned after that another of the kittens died not long after being born. Anyway this family have loads of cats, dogs, rabbits etc and if a kitten can be in this state then i dread to think what the other animals are like. My H2B just told me that this cat has had another litter of kittens and im afraid they are going to be like our kitten. My H2B did confront the girl who gave us this kitten and she said the kitten wasnt in that condition when she gave her to us! I dont know weather to report them to someone for mistreating animals or leave it. And if i should report them who do i contact? What would ye do in this case?? Sorry for long post and thanks for reading
MrsBlues Posts: 5170
If it was me, I would report them, no questions. As you say, they have plenty of other 'pets' and God only knows what those poor things are going through. Definitely report them, this is animal abuse and something needs to be done. Good luck, and fair play to you, a lot of people wouldn't be arsed.
Roz Posts: 588
Thanks Mrs Blues, :thnk Dont seem to have a great response to this. I thought it would be something people would def have an opinion on. But it must be just us
MrsBlues Posts: 5170
I just don't get it, it really kills me to think of people treating animals like this. Just looked up the ispca, they have a phone number for reporting cruelty: Tel: 1890 515 515 Or you can find a centre in your area here: God, let me know how you get on, I just can't bear it! I thought you'd have got a lot more responses, there are a lot of animal lovers here, maybe it's just a slow day!
BMaid07 Posts: 189
you can report them in the confidence that the ispca wont say who the report came from too. definately get something done about this. i certainly would
Mrs Knockers Posts: 3514
Yeh I agree with the others - for the animals they have & continue to breed bady you owe it to them to report this family - you do it annonymously so there won't be any comeback on you - try environmental health with your local council or DSPCA, ISPCA or any welfare place will give you numbers to ring.
milis Posts: 7998
I would definately report this. How bad would you feel if you find out about more kittens dying? You'd never feel that bad about these people getting caught.
Roz Posts: 588
Thanks, i will get their address this evening and report them tomorrow. I just feel so sorry for the animals there. I wanted to take more home with me but we just dont have the space so we cant.
Carrie Bradshaw Posts: 683
Definately report them to the ISPCA asap..People like this should be stopped from owning animals when they can't look after them properly. The ISPCA are very effective in dealing with the likes of such, these people could end up in court if found to be mistreating animals.
BMaid07 Posts: 189
its not just the animals you have to think of but if theyre givin these kittens away to families with small children etc, ya have to be careful about what else they could be carrying i know that might be a bit extreme but better safe than sorry those poor kittens tho. god i cant ever understand how people can be so cruel to something so small and defensless