Anne nicole smith died

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Higgs particle Posts: 4557
Did ye hear ? she collpased - i feel so sorry for her and that poor baby - she was always on the edge i guess
Glittergal Posts: 1504
OMG that is shocking. first her son and now her. I wasnt a fan but thats terrible. the poor baby.
mad woman Posts: 22106
jesus thats awful!
MrsG2b Posts: 1458
Just watching the report now on Fox news - really shocking and very tragic. Dead at 39.
Mrs Decemberbride Posts: 4337
wow thats terrible i wonder what happened. terrible, poor baby left now.
Higgs particle Posts: 4557
I'm sure the ex feels like sh*te now too - wasn't a fan either but i don't think she was ever rite - sad...
*Muffin* Posts: 7243
God bless her, and her poor baby. At least she's with her son now. I read in Heat this week that she was refusing a DNA test for her baby on the request of the father... I wonder who'll look after the baby now..
Higgs particle Posts: 4557
Sure lawyer she was with says its his - its very sad all thats happened since that child came into the world....
*Muffin* Posts: 7243
Seems very Marlyn Monroe-esque.... :o(
Higgs particle Posts: 4557
true - live fast die young and that