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Has anyone gotten married here... we considering this hotel along with few others and was wondering did anyone go to a wedding here or have one here?? What did you think of the room? hotel etc? :o)ll Thanks girls
Little Miss Hopeful Posts: 1193
I have been to a good few weddings in the area and to be honest I would put the Annesbrook at the bottom. I didn't like the reception area when we went in - it was small and people were piled in the hall way. Food was only ok - service at the wedding we were at was awful awful - ran out of potatoes and veg and we couldn't see anyone to get anymore - i suppose we could have got up from the table and tracked someone down but its something that didn't happen at other weddings we attened. The room has a very low ceiling which is a little claustrophobic feeling. I can't comment at all on the rooms. This is obviously just my opinion and sure with everywhere it will have good and bad opinions on it. I'm sure my experience was a once off.
BrideinArmagh Posts: 102
I was never at a wedding there but we considered it for ours..... I liked the old-part, the restaurant, but when we got th the main reception room I wasn't impressed - IMO the ceiling is way too low - i'm only 5ft 2 and I felt claustraphobic (can't spell :-8 ) never mind with a hundred or so guests..... H2B thought it was silly low too for a ballroom.... We ended up going with Mullingar Park in the end - roll on 25th March!!! :hyper: :hyper: :hyper:
Little Miss Hopeful Posts: 1193
Oh god i thought i was being really picky and ott when i said that about the ceiling -we have been to a good few weddings around westmeath/offaly/meath and the most impressive venue/reception we were at was the Hudson Bay in Athlone - wow.
Cassiopeia Posts: 222
I was at a wedding there and thought it was beautiful! The food was absolutely gorgeous - better than some five star hotel weddings we've been to! The service was great too. Didn't notice the ceiling being unduly low either.
Thansk girlies for your feedback.. Myself and my H2B are still looking at venues. although we would still love more feedback on the hotel!!
mrsmcdreamy Posts: 880
I was at a wedding there recently. It was my first time ever in the hotel and we thought it was a really nice hotel. I thought the reception area was perfect. Didnt think it was small at all. I can honestly say I never noticed anything about the ceilings being low and I never heard anyone else say anything either. The service was very good. The food was absolutely lovely. I had the beef but in my eyes it was steak. We stayed in the appartments that are joined on to the hotel and they were absolutely ideal. We shared a two bed one with my OH's parents. It was only €65 per couple. Cheapest hotel accommodation Ive ever got at a wedding. Overall it was a fabulous hotel in my eyes. Only thing I didnt like was that there was only canapes on arrival and we were starving. But cant fault the hotel for that.
BusyDee Posts: 8527
Was never at a wedding there but stayed in the apartments for my hen - they are FAB! So clean and modern and we had a lovely view out over the park. The hotel seemed nice and if you dont make breakfast before 10am in the restaurant you can get it in the bar all day (i think) which is great coz I hate having to get up early for breakfast!! Great selection of food for brekkie anyway!
MrsMN2010 Posts: 267
We got married there-first time to attend a wedding there too!! They got a new chef and the food was fab! Portions good, big and hot! Couldn't fault the service! They were really accomodating and added plenty of little touches to make the day even more memorable. They couldn't be more helpful! I wouldn't be put off by the ceiling. It wasn't an issue for us and we had over 200 at ours!
Scruff1 Posts: 3139
I've never been at a wedding there but we considered it for ours, was on our short list, I think it's a really lovely venue.