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Spice Bride Posts: 558
Ladies, can anyone suggest a nice restaurant for anniversary dinner? Dublin City centre or southside. Can't be too fussy as that usually involves food on the forbidden list. Was thinking of Shanahans cos at least I can eat a steak. Would really appreciate any suggestions.
007Babs Posts: 417
The best meal I have ever had was in L'Ecrivain. I know it is expensive, but I would prefer to have one excellent meal there than 3 mediocre meals elsewhere. They make such an occasion of eating out in there. I felt like the bees knees! Their website is terribly bad for such a fine place to eat though: [url:z19hr2mk][/url:z19hr2mk] On a different budget, but still very good is O'Connells restaurant in Bewley's Hotel, Ballsbridge. It is run by Darina Allen's bro, Tom O'Connell: [url:z19hr2mk][/url:z19hr2mk] Enjoy your night, wherever you go!
gbirishgirl Posts: 246
We recently had the most amazing Thai meal in the Baan Thai restaurant in Sandyford and they also have a branch in Ballsbridge... it was out of this world (it's so good they have received an award from the Thai government for the authenticity of their food... :eek) Hope that helps! (& happy anniversary!) :o)ll gbirishgirl
Spice Bride Posts: 558
Thanks ladies. We've actually booked Pearl - have heard good things about it. Can't believe some of the restaurants in this city though - you can only get a table at 6.30 or 9.30...I'd be eating the table leg if I sat down at 9.30. Then would probably fall asleep in the soup.