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christmas angel Posts: 90
Hi Girls, This site is fab for general info and gossip! We have just chosen my ring - very excited and plan to announce our engagement shortly. Just wondering how you announced yours? Did you go to B2B's home, then G2B's home? How do you run out the door of your own home?!! Then what about friends? How did you let them know? Did ye have a party? Sorry for all the questions, I'm sure it will all fall into place but appreciate the feedback O:o)
shiversmoy Posts: 635
Congrats :o)ll This site is addictive as you prob have realised already!!:ooh We got engaged in Paris last July and h2b asked my dad's permission before we left for the airport. I knew he had bought the ring but I never expected him to propose there because he said it would be too obvious and I believed him :-8 Dont think our families were surprised but I was and that was the main thing :wv Announce it whatever way ye like to as its special to ye and ye want to remember it all. Enjoy it :wv
mollyeile Posts: 2486
Welcome and congrats. H2B proposed last Valentine's - all our parents knew in advance so we rang them afterwards. Went back to my parents afterwards to show the ring and the following weekend we down to his family. Told friends by text mostly in the taxi to my parents and told work people the next morning when we got in- it's a really exciting time - enjoy it.
Mrs Princess Sparkle Posts: 3854
When we got engaged, my now DH had asked my father a couple of weeks prior to asking me. We got engaged on holidays, so when we got home, we went straight to my parents & told them- my mother had the champagne on ice! Then we went to DH's house & told his family there. We had a mini-engagement party at my parents' house that night with both families, & we just told all our friends by text or phonecall. Enjoy it, it's such a lovely time!
Mrstobe10 Posts: 1793
He proposed very early in the morning, i was completely surprised, we went straight to his mothers then to my family - I rang my close friends - about 50 of us went out that night - my bm reserved a few tables in a local bar. We got a couple of bts of champers and the end is very very hazy!!! :-8
secret2012 Posts: 1134
i got engaged about 9am on morning of my birthday. we went and got the ring. my parents were away in a hotel so i rang them and lied saying i would pop into them for coffee on my way to h2bs sister (oh i keep forgetting she is my fsil!!). they were so thrilled. my mam started crying! :o( we then went to tell his parents who were thrilled for us too. then went to tell our nannies. in between these visits i had been ringing my close friends and visited my bm and told her and her husband. had to tell everyone not to say a word to my sister as i had planned on meeting her and her bf for dinner that night and wanted to tell her in person. her reaction was priceless. she cried so much that the waitress came over to see if she was alright!!! :o0 :o0 im bout 5mths engaged now and just loved the first week of telling everyone including my patients at work, and showing off my ring. enjoy it!!!
Grunge Bride Posts: 2529
We were abroad getting the ring so we phoned both sets of parents, mine first as I'm the bride. If you were in the country, I suppose tradition would be to go to bride's parents first. In terms of getting out the door, you'd just have to say "We have to go tell groom's parents now" and they can hardly try to persuade you otherwise. Enjoy, it's a lovely time telling friends and family, everyone is so happy for you!
Pink Peonies Posts: 40
We were in New York and when we got back to Ireland in the small hours of the morning, we hopped straight in the car to to travel 100 miles to tell my parents! H2B had asked Dad for his blessing beforehand, so we arrived home to a fry and champagne and mam crying before she ever opened the door (even though Dad had been swown to secrecy, god love him, he couldnt keep it a secret!). :o0 We rang all my family and friends then (only mam and dad had known) and had a night in my parents house. :hic The next morning, hangovers and all, we travelled 130 miles to H2Bs parents and did the same thing all over again! I have a big smile here just remembering the excitement of telling everyone and how good everyone was. I have to say seeing my parents was so emotional - I always thought I would want to tell my mam herself, but the fact that she knew and was bursting with excitement and tears was even more special - i can still see her running out the door to meet us at the car! :xox
x_x Posts: 1823
Aw congratulations -its such an exciting time!! Enjoy every single moment of it as I am sure you will. H2B proposed on Xmas Eve, he had asked my Mum in October so he was waiting for the right time to pop the question...we went down to mine, then up to his, then we all went to the pub as usual for Xmas eve, then on the Fri we had a party. It was just brill...booked the Wedding the following Christmas of my life. Congratulations X :thnk :thnk :thnk
chaos Posts: 1904
congrats, you must be so excited! :o)ll :o)ll we got engaged on our 11th anniversary, i knew it would happen before end of year but not at that time. we kept it stum for 2 days and then brought my mam, h2bs parents his two brothers & one of their girlfriends to the pub and lied to get them there, and then showed them the ring! it was a night of champagne and dancing oh and all the texts starting to flood in, my FBIL text all our friends and they all started to text us. we had drinks in the local then the week later for friends.