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wifeen Posts: 50
I'm pretty pissed off at the minute. We had our wedding 4 months ago - we went out of our way to get as good a deal as possible for the guests in the hotel (as most couples do), arranged even cheaper accomodation nearby in case the hotel was too expensive or they just didn't want to stay there and organised free transportation to local areas so it would be as hassle free as possible for everyone. We worked hard to get good deals and really wanted to look after our guests, no more than anyone else would I would have thought. We invited H2B(at the time)'s boss and his fiancee - they confirmed that they were coming, looking forward to it etc. Our wedding happened the first weekend of the volcanoeruption so understandabley a few people couldn't come, but anyone who couldn't come let us know. This couple never called, texted us or any of our wedding party to say wether or not they were coming (they were travelling from London were husband works). There were other people from the office travelling by ferry so as we heard nothing we assumed they were coming with them. O:| They never showed - never apologised for not coming/leting us know, never sent a card, never even mentioned it to himself when he got back to work. Turns out they never even booked into the hotel even though they told us they had and now I find it hard to believe they were ever even thinking about coming. :eek I got over that, a bit annoyed that there was no mention of it. Luckily we didn't have to fork out for the two dinners they didn't eat as the hotel was brilliant - but overall I forgot about it. This weekend we got their wedding invite - it's in a really fancy venue over an hour from the church, it's very expensive to stay there and they didn't provide any other options on where to stay, wedding list in BT and finally it's black tie! I'm really not trying to start a debate about black tie at weddings, it wouldn't ever bother me normally, but I'm just so irritated that they weren't even bothered about our wedding, and now we're expected to jump through hoops to attend theirs. I was letting off steam to my mam (wol was too far away at the time) so she suggested that the second their wedding list is available that I'll get the cheapest thing.........let's hope it's a couple of napkin rings so! :yelrotflmaosmilie: I know I'm being crazy childish and petty but would love not to go (not an option as himself wants to go) and think will find it hard to feel happy for the ungrateful pair on their day, when they were so rude about ours. Rant over, all I wanted was a whinge over!!! :wv
Bluelagoon Posts: 650
:action32 :action32 whinge away some people are just rude and you are allowed to get it off your chest - better off or else H2B will get it :)
trance Posts: 3129
Do you have to go? Why not just make an excuse and not go and buy them something for 50 euro and be done with it, sounds like you won't enjoy yourself anyways (I'm not a fan of black tie weddings either!)
bridee2b Posts: 2534
[quote="trance":ft7cly7o]Do you have to go? Why not just make an excuse and not go and buy them something for 50 euro and be done with it, sounds like you won't enjoy yourself anyways (I'm not a fan of black tie weddings either!)[/quote:ft7cly7o] Have to agree with Trance here, I think I might be making my excuses about going... I know its hard though if the OH wants to! Perhaps look into alternative accomodation, might save you a few bob?!
SpringChicken Posts: 666
It was rude of them not to acknowledge that they couldn't/wouldn't go to your wedding but if you begrudge attending their do and getting them a gift so much then you really shouldn't go. You got an invite - not a demand. You don't have to go. Just because you researched accommodation for your guests doesn't mean they have to and they're entitled to host whatever sort of reception they like.
wifeen Posts: 50
Thanks girls! I just saw how long my post is now, I can't believe anyone got to the end! I think I'm just making a mountain out of a molehill, but the rudeness of some people just really irks me! We'll make the best of it, end of the day, I love a wedding - nice dinner, some wine, bit of dance, what's not to love. I've just never looked forward to a day less than this one! We'll try and get somewhere cheaper nearby anyway so at least I won't have a hole in my pocket along with the bitter taste in my mouth! Plus, at least this way I can hold my head high and know at least I know how to behave when you're invited to a wedding! Ah, at least there are old SATC episodes on now to keep my mind off it! :compress thanks for listening!!!!!!!
gillette Posts: 1803
Their behaviour would really really annoy me too wifeen, particularly the fact that it seems like they'd no intention of coming.
BusyDee Posts: 8527
I wouldnt go tbh - they werent the least bit bothered about yours so I would not be bothered about theirs! And I would not get them a present!
GreenerPastures Posts: 7284
I was rude of them not to acknowledge whether they would or wouldn't be attending your wedding. Their no show was very rude. I'm surprised your DHs boss didn't even acknowledge it afterwards. In regards to their wedding, if you can't afford it then give it a miss. It's up to a couple and what they can afford. They can't take all their guests budgets into account. It's their special day and they can obviously afford it and I assume so can their close friends who probably have similar incomes. They'd be driven made trying to please everyone. I never assume a couple will tell us of alternative accommadation. After all isn't that was google is for? You can find alternative places to stay yourself, if you really want to.
Minnie10 Posts: 686
That is really rude........... but you know what dont stoop to their level. Acknowledge them really soon and go to the wedding (if you want to of course), get really dollied up and enjoy the day. Look at the way they have done their preperations and find the faults :o0 Regarding accomodation try and find a cheaper one. And regarding the present - i absolutely hate wedding lists i think this is really cheeky. Get them a voucher for marks and spencers (its english and they can use it over there) or get them a set of glasses. :o0