annual leave - how much do you get?

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fantac Posts: 4109
i thought i did really well on 28 days, but my bro has jsut been bumped up to 44 days O:| O:| O:|
redwifey Posts: 2932
20 days :o( what does your brother do?
fantac Posts: 4109
bloomin semi state cushdy job
mop1 Posts: 1564
[img:1wwyefkm][/img:1wwyefkm] 44 days!! [img:1wwyefkm][/img:1wwyefkm]
mrs bmw Posts: 6447
23 days but I have flexitime so you could really say its 35
emlo Posts: 1506
21 days
emlo Posts: 1506
dp :-8
frillynickers Posts: 1765
25 days plus i gt bank holidays and work mon-friday. I'll get an extra day next year as I'll have 3 years services. Also cos i getting married next year I get an additional weeks leave. so 2009 I'll have 31 days.
Easy Tiger Posts: 2676
22 days plus 13 flexi sick leave (kidding!) 44 days though..that's pretty nice!
wouldntseemeinameringue Posts: 777
20 days. :eek bit of a shock to the system as last job I had 25 days and the job before that was shift work so I had loads of time off. Don't even get anything extra for the wedding. :o(