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gogogirl Posts: 1071
Hi ladies, how many days annual leave do you get? I get 20 and that DOESNT include good friday or any of the christmas hols >:o( (We just get bank holidays). Is this the norm?? Should I be getting more, is this the legal minimum..
mad woman Posts: 22106
nope thats it girl its 20 days annual leave and the nine public holidays..good friday is a bank holiday not public.
charli Posts: 5994
yeah thats the basic entitlement i am afraid i get more than that in the public sector but that is actually the statutory entitlement
pluppy Posts: 3519
i've very lucky i get 25 plus 13 flexi days and all of those holidays, and if they fall at the weekend then we get the monday or tuesday off really is one of the perks of my jobs
Redfraggleathome Posts: 159
I get 22 a year but thats perk - average is 20
*gone* Posts: 4785
We get up to a maximum of 25 days (you work up the days from 20 up to 25 days over 5 years), which is the 20 minimum plus 5 for Christmas. In the last job I was in, it was just the 20 days. Half day on Christmas Eve even had to be taken out of those 20 days!
strawberry shortcake Posts: 9094
we get 21 but 5 have to be kept for xmas, we get all bank hols, paddys day etc off though