Anomaly Scan Yes or No?

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dizzydoll Posts: 165
Hi All, I just want to ask your advice. The hospital I go to no longer offers the anomaly scan and I am wondering should I go pay for it privately? Had a scan at 12 weeks and not due back until 24 weeks. It €200 in the nearest place to me which is quiet expensive. My doctor said there is nothing that they can see at 20 weeks that they cant see at 24 so Im very confused! What do you think? Thanks :thnk
lorraine78 Posts: 988
We got one and to be honest,it was a waste of money,best thing was seeing baby but its just so expensive.
dizzydoll Posts: 165
Hi Lorraine, Thanks for your response. I am in two minds myself especially after what the doctor said but then loads of people get it done. Dont want to not get it done and miss something but then wonder why did the hospital stop doing it if its so important.
newlywed0912 Posts: 734
If it was me, I'd get it done. They check to make sure everything is as it should be. Checks everything on baby, lips, eyes, organs etc. I would for peace of mind. That's just me tho
lorraine78 Posts: 988
Your gp can request you get one if you ask, unfortunately I only found this out after I handed over 200 euro. Its such a money racket and not fair on expectant parents. It should be compulsory
Missus2012 Posts: 967
for me it was definitely worth it. the most detailed and longest scan I've had (and i've had many!!). it went through everything to check all ok and measured up on target which was v reassuring. obv some things can't be detected on it, but most can be checked.
dizzydoll Posts: 165
Hi girls, Thanks for your responses, I know its a hard decision to make. I cannot understand why the hospital stop doing it because any mammy I talk to totally agrees that its stupidity. I would have preferred not have the scan at 12 weeks and have one at 20. They are the ones telling future mammy's not to worry or stress and this is doing exactly that! Then the private scan providers are making a mint from it. Will probably give in and have it done O:|
Skittlespink Posts: 406
What county are you in Dizzydoll? Just wondering coz Im in Limerick and we dont get a 20 week scan here either. Its a dating scan at start and my next one isnt until 30 weeks.
vinoqueeno Posts: 3511
Cork doesn't offer one either from recollection. I think it should be offered across the board or not although I had a chat with a friend about it before who brought it up with her gp who put the question to her what would you do if it showed up anything, as in would you do anything different with the pregnancy? Interesting point! I think Id prefer not to know but then that's just me!
bluebell Posts: 44
If your having a scan at 24 weeks, I won't worry about the 20 week one. They will check the baby out then.