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Septmom2010 Posts: 167
Hi Ladies, I've just received an appointment for an anomoly scan at the CUMH at the end of April and I wonder if anyone has already had one done at this hopistal and advise me what to expect? I am a public patient with a relelvant family history to warrant the scan (The doc suggested it, otherwise I'd not have known what it was). My understanding is that it is a detailed scan of the baby to check for abnormalities and will be about 30 mins long, but this is what I've read, not heard from anyones elses experiences which I would love to know. Thanks for sharing :) SeptMom 2010.
WooHoooo Posts: 60
HI Septmom2010 I had this done last year and theres nothing to it. In fact its nice and reassuring. They just look at everything; brain, heart, spine,, legs......etc! There is nothing to it so dont be worrying. Hope this helps. :thnk
Septmom2010 Posts: 167
Thank you, much appreciated :) Did it take long if you remember?
curliwurli Posts: 3369
I have a scan in CUMH at 20 weeks with SCOPE which is supposed to take 25 minutes, as far as I know it would be similar to an anomaly scan in that they check all the organs, bloodflow to placenta etc
WooHoooo Posts: 60
It took about 30 mins but it was nice to see all the parts of the baby. Do you know who is doing it for you?? Have you been given a name yet? I seriously wouldnt worry about it, enjoy seeing your little babs! :o)ll
mtv Posts: 935
i was in dr annas rooms, she was lovely. 30mins long.
Septmom2010 Posts: 167
Thanks everyone! Does anyone know if they give you feedback/results after scan or if that information is later given to you?
WooHoooo Posts: 60
Oh, they will more than likely talk to you there and then. Its a consultant that usually does it and they will talk to you throughout the scan but usually tell you that they will concentrate on the scan and then speak with you at the end. We have had 2 done and they were both fine, so dont worry about it. :thnk