another baby name question

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littletiger Posts: 173
can anybody suggest any boys names that go with the surname kelly (sister in law is pregnant) you would think it would be easy! thanks, lt
new-wifey Posts: 338
Hi, Jamie Kelly Ciaran Kelly Eoin Kelly Any of those??
littletiger Posts: 173
thanks for your suggestions! forgot to say she doesnt want anythign that ends in an e sound if you know what i mean!! she has loads of girls names picked out but can't find a boys name! eoin is nice but there is already a ciaran in the family!! i love adam but i guess its so popular now but also think that a long surname sounds lovely with a short one.
mollyeile Posts: 2486
There are two Eoin Kelly's who play inter-county hurling - one for Waterford, the other for Tipp
new-wifey Posts: 338
Lucas Kelly Dean Kelly They are nice i think Its very hard to pick a name to match a surname!! HTH :wv
under construction Posts: 3458
Daniel Kelly Darragh Kelly Nathan Kelly Oh its so hard isnt it. Im leaving picking mine for another while yet.