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mayday1 Posts: 219
H2B bought his wedding suit (he wanted to buy his rather than hire) . . he got a great deal in the Jan Sales . . he got a Hugo Boss suit which is fab but he says "No Way" to waistcoat. He wanted a 3-piece suit but they were hard to find so ended up getting a 2 piece and wants to wear a skinny black tie . . . He does look dashing I have to say :-8 and it is his wedding too . . but I know my mum will say something about black tie = funeral! Ah well . . another box ticked though !!
tootsy Posts: 779
my h2b is also going for just a two piece with an ivory skinny tie my mum is at him to wear a black shirt as she thinks he looks so handsome in black :o0
lou83 Posts: 332
My h2b is planning on buying his suit too. His mam is freaking cos he doesn't want to wear waistcoat. I know he'll look so handsome. I love him in a suit!! Mind you he can rock tracksuits just as well :o0 :o0 :o0
mayday1 Posts: 219
This is kinda what he'll look like :eek [img:2hrjc2uv][/img:2hrjc2uv] I swear I was just looking at the suit here!!!! :-8
vanbride Posts: 18
I think its lovely. I have my groomsmen wearing black ties with a black suit and I got so many comments from the suit hire shops saying the only time you wear a black tie is to a funeral. Black ties are an alternative to a bow tie and they look great with a black suit-with or without a waistcoat. its your wedding and your husband's too-sometimes you need to remember this and suit yourselves!
outdoorgirl Posts: 610
I prefer a black tie idea to some girlie colour to match bridesmaides!
mayday1 Posts: 219
Thanks. I actually prefer it. . . Best Man/Groomsmen gonna get silver/grey ties. . . Not gone on waistcoats if they're not part of a 3piece suit!
Mayeston Posts: 315
i love the black tie look....himself is going the same route. And he's wearing braces....i love that. As soon as the meal is over he's taking the jacket and shirt of and rolling up the sleeves but braces stay that look!