Another breastfeeding topic, when do u stop?

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expecting no3 Posts: 623 ... son-4.html
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From Irish Times yesterday- same topic ... 29197.html
mamandemai Posts: 269
Really liked daily mail article- the emphasis was on how parents should support each other s way of parenting instead of judging. To be honest , each child is different , each mum and family have a different context and work their own way , so I don't think there s a specific age which should be the limit. IMO as long as the child and mum are happy and satisfied then they should do it. If an infant has some issues latching on and the mum is stressing out trying to "make it work", then maybe they should stop and formula feed si that they can focus on building their relationship . I ve just weaned off DD at 23 months- she would have kept on but I felt like having a few drinks again! I hope nobody will judge me because of this.
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expecting no3 Posts: 623
She is an advocate of the attachment parenting which I believe in too. Was just interested to see what people thought about it. Unfortunately i dont get my af while breastfeeding so in order to concieve I have to stop bf otherwise I dont know when I would stop. Apparently though they lose the ability to suck at 8yrs. I remember seeing the programme on tv about the mothers who breastfed their older children. Breastfeeding is just so addictive.
ReginaFalange Posts: 10290
I think BF'ing when a child is at school going age is taking things too far. For me, somewhere between 1-2 years of age is when BF'ing should end.
ttcbaby2 Posts: 273
My opinion is whenever it feels right, be that days, weeks, months or years.
alton Posts: 3077
wow, I'm very impressed with the tone of the Irish Times article. Surprised really. I was walking in DunLaoghaire one Sunday morning when I overheard a conversation between two girls, one saying "you shouldn't be breastfeeding if the child is old enough to ask for it". Before having DD, I would probably have thought along similar lines. It's good to see an article in a paper with the reputation and gravitas of the Irish Times disputing that kind of thinking, in a calm, sensible style. Fair play.
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stephnyc Posts: 414
the same here, even when I was BF DD at the beginning, I always assumed I'd stop at 6months-ish .. the thoughts of feeding a baby with teeth did not appeal! .. and yet, gradually, I'm feeding a 2 year old.. and will probably tandem feed with my newborn in August! its tough feeling like an oddity though, most of my friends & family didnt BF at all.. so they dont really get my situation & I just dont discuss it anymore.. I would so love for it to be more acceptable in our society (where it is a choice, BF or dont BF, and either is just fine!).. I can dream...