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Mrs Curly Posts: 499
I’ve been charting for a while, but have really irregular cycles – about 25 days into my third since coming off the pill at the end of May and from what I can tell, the first two were anovulatory. The weekend before last (11 days ago), my temps rose and stayed high for 3 days – thought I might have ovulated, but as it’s such an infrequent occurrence, can’t be sure. Since then, my temperatures have been up and down by as much as a degree. What pattern would be the norm temp-wise after ovulation?
Spice Bride Posts: 558
Pre-ov my temps would be about 29.9 to 36.2 and post they would be 36.5 upwards. In TCOYF she says that some women can't temp as the temps don't reflect what is going in their cycle.
glade Posts: 278
Oh god that is a mental one alright!!! Have you been keeping an eye on your CM and been trying OPK or do you think that its too early to try them?? My pre-ov temps are between 97F and 97.6 and post ov goes from 97.6 way up to 98.3 F (sorry don't know celcius)
Mrs Curly Posts: 499
Thanks girls. With cycles from 60 - 90 days long, I'd want a second mortgage for OPKs! And from what I've read, CM seems highly irregular at the best of times. I guess what I'm asking is, whether my temps shoudl be going up and down post-ov, or should they stay steadily above the cover line? And, if they're going up and down, has anyone a suggested explanation? (Tried talking to Dr but might as well have been asking the Binman for all the help I got!)
naughty nuptials Posts: 517
Hi Mrs Curly, I have a similar problem to you - I think I just had an anovulatory cycle, as my temps have been up and down like a yoyo (between 36.0 and 36.7) with no obvious patterns, unlike the previous month, when I had a definite and sustained rise in temps for 16 days after ovulation. To answer your question, your temps should rise after ovulation and, depending on the length of your cycle, should remain elevated until you get your period (they may drop a day or 2 before period, but that's unusual). This is because, after ovulation, your body releases progesterone, and keeps releasing it until you get your period. At least that's what I understand from reading TCOYF. If your temps up and down, it's most likely just an anovulatory cycle. You may have had other symptoms, like the fertile CM and soft cervix, but this could just mean your body is trying to ovulate unsuccessfully. If the temps don't go up for a sustained peiod of time (usually 10-15 days) then you 99% haven't ovulated. Do you think you could have PCOS? I have had it for a few years and have found ways of managing it and shortening my cycles. Hope that helps, NN
Spice Bride Posts: 558
Did you take your temp at the same time every morning? I sleep badly and when I first started charting I was taking my temps at different times and then adding on or taking away tenths of a degree, as per the guide in TCOYF. There really wasn't any clear pattern emerging. At the end of the cycle I went back and just put down the temp that had been recorded, without adding or subtracting, and there was a clear pattern. For me, as long as it is after 3 hours sleep it seems to be ok to write down the temp that there is at that time.
Mrs Curly Posts: 499
I've been meticulously setting the alarm for the same time every morning, whether I've been out or whether I'm in work and take note if my sleep is disturbed/I've had a drink or several/I'm unwell generally and the actual disturbances are few and far between and certainly don't account for the huge variances from day to day. It's possible there's a number of things wrong, if as I suspect, I'm having successive anovulatory cycles, but until we've been ttc for a year, the Dr won't even entertain a discussion on my lack of a normal cycle. (I think it's outrageous to expect a patient to tolerate abnormality of this extent, whether or not we are ttcing but I'm only the patient ... ! ) Thanks everyone!
feelsobad Posts: 693
Hi From what I understand if the temp keeps going below the coverline it indicates and anovulatory cycle. I would go to another doctor and insist on blood tests - that is what I did and was diganosed with mild PCOS - I had never had a problem with my period my whole life! Best of luck