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blueboots Posts: 833
Hi all A bit confused about my EDD. I was very luck to become pregnant the first month after coming off the pill so I have no idea really how long my cycle was. Based on my LMP which was 10th April my due date is 15th Jan. However, im pretty sure I ovulated late and im 99.9% convinced I conceived on 29th April which gives me an EDD of Jan 23rd…. I had an early scan at 9ish weeks which matched the EDD of Jan 23rd. I had another(small) scan at 15 weeks which gave an EDD of Jan 24th so just a day in the difference. Then yesterday I had my main hospital scan. Based on this scan my EDD is back to Jan 15th. So I’m really confused. Am I right in saying that the earlier scans are more accurate in terms of dating? Not sure what date to go with.
Doozer28 Posts: 881
I would have thought that they would have gone by your date from your 15 week scan as that is your dating scan. I'd query it with them the next day as it'll make a big difference to your maternity leave.
Mrs W Posts: 2923
I'm in the same Blueboots, I had a mc in Feb so my cycle wasnt back to normal when I got pregnant in April. My LMP is 12th April but my first scan measured 6+4 when I should have been 8 weeks so we know its out by 10 days. I had another scan at 10 weeks which matches perfectly with my new dates. At my 12 week scan in the clinic the sonographer gave me EDD of 24th Jan instead of the 27th we had been going with but 10 mins later the midwife insisted on using LMP and went with 17th January! If it was 17th I'd go on ML before Christmas but I dont want to waste my time sitting around for a month, I also dont want them to be inducing me for going 10 days over on my actual proper due date. My doc told me to bring in my ML forms next visit because theres a big backlog on approving them so I dont know what dates to go with so you're probably in the same boat with Christmas etc. Let us know if you get sorted! My next appt is end of September so I'll try and get mine sorted then
blueboots Posts: 833
Thanks for your responses ladies. Mrs W- So sorry to hear about your previous MC. Like you, I am also concerned about my dates and impact on maternity leave and them thinking I am overdue and wanting to induce me. I am fairly certain I ovulated late and am happy to go with 23rd Jan as my EDD. I will be at my GP next week and will discuss this with him. Doozer28- my 15 week scan wasn’t a dating one. I wasn’t due to get a scan that day, just a check up. The consultant wanted to check the heartbeat and instead of using a Doppler (sp?) she used this small scan machine. She literally only scanned me to hear the heartbeat, did a quick measurement of babys head and leg and gave me EDD of 24th. This is close to my date but because this wasn’t my ‘official’ scan they are choosing to go with the earlier EDD of the 15th. On my next hospital visit il def be discussing it with them. To be honest I wasn’t really concerned at the time because there may be an issue with the baby’s kidneys and that was my main focus during the scan. Please god all will be ok.
dilin o damhsa Posts: 776
Blueboots I hope that everything works out ok and the kidneys are fine. I read somewhere on the Internet that dating is most accurate in the first 12 weeks but I could be wrong. My doctor and midwife were good about using my scan dates rather than the earlier LMP date. Good luck with your doctor, hopefully they will be reasonable and move to the later date.
Doozer28 Posts: 881
Hope everything goes well for you, I can understand it wasn't a priority at the time. Do though, discuss it at your next appointment. Best of luck to you!