More great hynobirths at CUMH :-) ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hi Tracy, Once again I have a lovely hypnobirthing story for you. Sarah arrived into the world at 2pm on November 21st. We arrived at the hospital a little short on time but the best thing ever. When I spoke to you I told you my greatest fear was leaving my little boy, Jack in the middle of the night and for him to wake up and Mammy and Daddy be gone and for the neighbours to give him his breakfast. I did so much visualisation that I would know during the night that I was in labour, that Jack would be brought to the childminders in the morning by his daddy and that Nana and Grandad would make it down in time to collect him and Daddy would be home to put him to bed. You wouldn't believe it but that is exactly what happened. A trauma free birth for Jack and Sarah. At around 4am. I got up to go to the bathroom and realised I had a show, delighted I had no pain and I could call the grandparents in the morning and tell them something was happening.I went back to bed. At 7am. Jack woke,we got him ready for the childminders and sent him off at the usual time of 8.30, rang the grandparents, had a bath and waited, so excited that things had worked out as I had planned but afraid this might go on for days. At 1pm. contractions were 5 mins apart and we decided to go to the hospital. All was well we were basically just waiting, watching tv, reading magazines and trying not to get too excited as our little baby would be born soon. We went to the hospital and were waiting as part of the triage system, all was well. Eventually a nurse arrived and decided to do an examination to see how far gone I was. This was my big mistake and if I am lucky enough to become pregnant again, I will be avoiding this. She was very rough, told me I was only 3cm and to go for a cup of coffee. It was the worst experience ever. I felt totally violated, was absolutely devastated and couldn't stop crying and shaking. Immediately everything stopped, I couldn't get focused I was so upset and just wanted to go home. Eventually I pulled myself together , listened to the cd and calmed down. At 4pm the nurse rang me to come back to the room to be checked. Even though my contractions were now 5 mins apart again, I told her I didn't want to be checked and that really I should go home as nothing was happening. I just wanted to get home, put my little boy to bed and start again. Thank God she let us go. Home we went. My husband put our little boy to bed. I had a bath and in between contractions which were much stronger ran in and out saying goodnight to my little boy and making sure everything appeared normal to him. When our little boy was asleep we got into the car and went to the hospital for the second time this time a much better experience. We drove slowly to the hospital as I kept asking my husband to stop I needed some air. He was very calm on the outside but I'm sure was panicing inside as he realised contractions were now 2 minutes apart and when he saw me kneel down in in the footwell of the car, Your words rang in our ears "the closer they get to the floor the quicker you better get going. We arrived at the hospital and knocked on the door of emergency. They told me to get up on the bed but I knew I couldn't. They told me to sit on the wheelchair while they brought me down to the delivery suite but I knew I couldn't sit. It was E.R. stuff as we flew around corridors and eventually arrived at the delivery suite. I was put somehow on a bed and within 3 pushes Sarah was born. Our beautiful little daughter. As we had just arrived there was no way a consultant could get to us on time which meant we didn't have to request anything, Sarah was placed on me where she nursed. The cord was allowed to stop pulsating as there was no hurry and eventually Daddy cut the cord between mother and daughter. We had loads of time to enjoy our wriggly little girl as we waited for a consultant. We were very lucky with our midwife who had worked in a birthing centre in London. I asked her lots of questions but most important I asked her how do you get as natural a birth as possible in C.U.M.H., which consultant would be the most likely to give you the time to birth naturally. Her reply was do what you just did, arrive when they have no time to interfere. Consultants are very busy and sometimes just want to speed the process up. And so Sarah's arrival turned out just perfect, just as I would have wanted it. And from each experience you learn, next time, please God we will arrive at the last minute and we will try to avoid all examinations and at the 6 week check up I will be discussing same with my consultant. Thank you once again for all your help, for your calming and inspiring words, the birth of our daughter was a wonderful experience and we are so happy.