Another iPhone and O2 question!!!

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Mama2Be Posts: 295
Rather than hijack another posters thread, I said I'd start another. Just wondering does anyone know can I change my bill package. I've had an iPhone since last Oct and initially signed an 18 month contract, At the mo I am paying €45 monthly for 1GB download, 150 mins and 100 texts. I say in another thread that O2 are offering unlimited download with free O2 to O2 calls and texts for €40. Does anyone know if I can switch to this? H2b and most of my friends are O2 so most of my mins and texts go on them anyway would be great to have that option!!
JMBvideos Posts: 511
Hi, I'd say it is best to check this with O2 but unfortunately I dont think that you will be able to switch to a cheaper package. If you were upgrading to a more expensive one then there should be no problem. No harm asking though, you'd never know.
Bm10 Posts: 296
Hi Buttons2010, I have my iPhone over a year now, and the packages they were offering then weren't nearly as good value as they are now, so I changed my package to a cheaper one last month, no problem. I do know when I bought the phone first they did tell me I'd have to wait for 3 months if I wanted to change plans, but you're well over that anyway. Kx
Mama2Be Posts: 295
Cool thanks a million bm, must go in there tomorrow so, no sense in paying through the nose if there is better value available!!
Persephone Posts: 928
You can definitely change. In fact, o2 just rang me and changed my iphone contract for me. I was on unlimited o2 to o2 calls and texts and 1g download for 40 quid. They changed it to unlimited o2 to o2 calls and texts, 100 free texts to any network, 100 free minutes and 2g download. I'm also on an 18 month contract and was only 9 months into the contract when they rang and asked me to change.