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Crazy in lurve Posts: 196
Hi ladies, Thought I would have no problem doing the Mass booklets but here I am pulling my hair out O:| I have the layout, readings etc as I want but when I print double sided (which is what i want) everything goes haywire! The pages from the back of the book appear at the front iykwim! Also, the centre pages are totally blank even though there are no blank pages in the document O:| Can anyone offer guidance of any kind??? Am I doing something small/big wrong? Thanks :thnk
stick Posts: 1229
to get the printer to print like a booklet you need to have each page done on A4 and the printer automatically does its booklet page allocatioon. i had mine done in A6 version and the place i was getting ti printed said it needed to be in a4 to work right
scoobysnacks Posts: 80
Hi I had to go to print properties then page layout and make sure double sided printing check box is on. Hope this helps *)
lady lolly Posts: 391
I brought mine into the local stationary store and they printed it off in booklet form for me. Got one copy and then you can photocopy yourself! Just make sure each booklet page is on it's own A4 page. There's a great page for explaining how to do it if you google 'printing mass booklets'. I found it great. I was just too lazy to do it myself! When you press print, there is a box on the top right called 'Manual Duplex' that must be ticked for double sided printing.
Crazy in lurve Posts: 196
Hi Girls, Thanks for your help, will give that ago tomorrow :thnk Thought i was going to be able to do this first time. Silly, silly me :yelrotflmaosmilie: