Another Maternity Leave Question

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Urban Fairy Posts: 3987
I was reading the back of a maternity leave application thingy my pal got me from the social welfare office. It said it need to be filled out and sent back in 6 weeks before you take your leave (12 if your self employed). I'm SO clueless here. I'm going to be paid for my maternity leave, but I know I still (or my job?) gets the social payment. I dont really know how it works. Can anyone give me a 'maternity leave guide for dummies' idea of what I'm meant to do. Maybe I'll bring it in and ask the girl in accounts what the best thing is for me to do.
eled Posts: 713
You need to fill out all the bits that you can, give it to your GP to fill in their section and then send it to your HR dept for completion. My HR Dept sent it to social welfare. You really need to send it maybe about 8 - 10 weeks beforehand. Mine was sent 6 weeks beforehand and I only got a confirmation on Monday even though I was on maternity leave since 24 Jan.
ttc_bfp_opk_wtf Posts: 682
I think it varies by employer: What I have to do is fill out the social welfare forms with my HR dept. Then the social welfare pay me their bit weekly for the duration of my ML and my employer pays me my usual salary minus the portion the social welfare pay monthly when I would normally get paid.
Urban Fairy Posts: 3987
Thanks so much for that info. I read your reply, then more confidently mentioned it to the girl in accounts who was passing my desk and she said yep, fill out what you can, get your GP to fill some out (as you said) and then give it to her to do the rest. Voila! WOL is great! :lvs