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Kittyboo Posts: 1591
Penny Hill Posts: 1898
The pill is not 100% effective therefore it is not 100% reliable. I'm sure there are a few people out there who have become pregnant even on the people (i recently found out it happened one person i know). Having said that we are not TTC and the pill is the only form of contraception we use.
ReginaFalange Posts: 10290
I think that if you take it on time every day and be mindful of tummy upsets it's a very effective form of birth control and you don't need anything additional.
Twirl Posts: 5598
I think its 98 or 99 % effective, as regina said, taken at the same time every day should make it very effective. I had been on it for 10 years and we were fine, never used anything else. :wv :wv
t2be2012 Posts: 718
I relied on only the pill to and it was very effective until i was sick and put on antibiotics, we used condoms when i was taking the antibiotic and for a week later and i managed to get pregnant its just something to be mindful of be very careful taking other medicines with it. After ds was born i went back on the pill and relied on it for the past year and a half until i came off it and we started ttcing! It is very effective when it is taken properly ie same time every day for 21days and then 7 day break. We only used condoms for the first month to be sure it was gonna start working properly!!!
Sassypants Posts: 4461
But as far as I know, the condom isnt 100% effective either. People are silly (sorry but it's true!) and sometimes don't use the pill or condoms properly. I think that's why they're considered not 100% effective. As the other posters have said, if it's taken properly and you are mindful of tummy upsets etc then it should be fine. We've been using condoms since we got together 3 years ago and find them fine but we have to because I go crazy loopers on the pill!!
cremebrulee Posts: 8546
[quote="sassypants":mvqpfnoi]People are silly (sorry but it's true!) and sometimes don't use the pill or condoms properly. I think that's why they're considered not 100% effective. [/quote:mvqpfnoi] +1. I've been on the pill for about 8 years and I've taken it properly and had no problems.
Kittyboo Posts: 1591
Twirl Posts: 5598
[quote="KittyBoo":196pu52i]Ok...thanks girls for your replies/advise! Another stupid/silly you have to take it the exact same time every day??? As in lets say you normally take it around 6pm...and one day you forget and take it around 7.30-8pm....are you still safe? or would it be advisable to use condoms till your pack is up?[/quote:196pu52i] I will be totally honest, i never took it at the same time and tbh i would just take it when i remembered, maybe set a reminder on your phone to take it at 9pm every night or something like that. Thats what im having to do to remind me to take folic acid and i still forget :duh:
trance Posts: 3129
No contraception can be marketed as 100% effective because there will always be mishaps, forgetting to take a pill, being on anti biotics, putting the condom on too late etc etc, BUT as Regina says, if you take it every day and are mindful of things like tummy upsets and if you're on anti biotics etc then there should no problems. Re taking it the same time every day, it depends on what pill you are on, if you are on a combined (ie oestrogen/progesteron hormones) then you have a 12 hour 'window', ie you could take it at 8am one day and the next day a different time within those 12 hours and it would still work, in theory, however I think to get the best out of it and to take the least chances then you should take it around the same time every day, the progesteron only pill has a shorter time window of about 3-4 hours I think, although I think Cerazette, the newest prog. only pill on the market may have a 12 window also. If in any doubt ask your GP or even read the leaflet you get with your pill and most brands have a website, the Mercillon website I used to find really helpful!