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CCAF Posts: 502
Girls i am so confused!!!!! As i live in a small village and apart from walks round the block i think the baby wont be in the pram that much at all - apart from when i visit my mams house and we go for a walk or something. Can anyone recommend a light buggy with car seat that fits on to the frame and that will fold easily and fit into boot. there are so many i just dont know where to start and i am not willing to spend a fortune on something that will mostly spend its time in the boot of my car. thanks :wv
cheerio Posts: 275
Best advice is to go into a shop that stocks a lot of different brands/styles and tell them what you are looking for, then they will give you the options available.
SGirl Posts: 2542
I agree its really confusing, I have signed up for WHICH? and they go into detail re all the buggies etc, it costs 1 sterling for 30 month trial and i have used it to research all the baby stuff,,, u hav to be in the mood tho, its not exactly exciting stuff. It suits me to research online cos im physically not great with teh preganancy but will go looking in shops armed with info.