Another stupid question - private vs semi private Holles St

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sunsparks Posts: 2196
Am at more of a loss now than I ever was planning a wedding!!! Can anyone tell me the difference between Combined Care (mentioned to me by my GP tonight), semi-private and private in Holles St. I know I'm going to HS as have received other gynae services there, so it makes sense to continue (it's not much farther than the Coombe really from us, which would be the closest). Feel at a complete loss. This would be where I'd talk to Mam (we're not telling her yet - although I'd love to) and I've no friends to discuss it with either at this point. DH is wonderful and useless simultaneously! :)
jen2 Posts: 3106
Im heading to Holles street. Have always gone private in Mount carmel before on the other 3, but cant afford it this time. Anyway with semi private you see your GP for the first vist, then you see your chosen OBGYN or one of his team. Then you see your GP nest, then you have a scan at hospital. then OBGYN then DOc and so on. You pay 260 euro to OBGYN and 110 for your detailed scan. ANy thats pretty much it. GP visit are free once you register. You will be fully covered for semi private room by your health insurer ( for holles street) Semi private rooms are rooms or 2 or 5 beeds. IF you go private you pick your OBGYN and you see only that doc. Not one of his team. S/he will see you for all appoinments on GP. I think is cost between 4K and 5K. YOU are also entitled to have a private room ( if available as Holles St only have 11 private rooms). Health insurer should cover this too ( in holles Street) I know I have to pay 2K extra for private room in Mount carmel as well as the 2.5K the VHI were paying. If you cant get this then you will get a semi room. YOur doc will try to be there for the birth, ( but not always guarnteed.) Well I hope that helps some. think Ive got that right. Best of luck Jen2 Hope that helps
sunsparks Posts: 2196
Thanks jen2 - rang around this morning and can't get over the price of it, nor the fact that the second most expensive VHI option (Family Plan Plus) won't even cover 10% of the 4.5k needed to go private. Am disappointed really - wanted to relax and enjoy baby no 1. However, maybe I shouldn't have gone quite so mad on the credit card last month. Oh, how perspectives change! :-8
Woodstock Posts: 1565
hi sunsparks, the Combined Care Scheme allows you to alternate your visits between your GP and a hospital of your choice (in your case and in mine too Holles Street). The way it works is the first visit is with your GP, then you are seen by the hospital around week 16 and as the months go by you are seen more and more often, once every 4 weeks, once every 2 weeks and then once every week (always alternating between your GP and the hospital). Once you pick what hospital you want to go to, you have to pick whether you want to go public, semiprivate or private. At the point, you ring them up and book your first visit (~16 weeks). It makes a difference also if you have private health insurance as I read you do. Personally, I'm also with VHI (company plan plus) however we're gonna go public. I'll just copy and paste what I posted before about the differences between public/private and semiprivate, I hope it simplifies the choice for you! Going [b:6x8dn54r]private [/b:6x8dn54r]- VHI will cover for private stay up to €2500 (Holles St. charges €758 per night) and if there are complications and the cost exceeds 2.5k, the rest is on us. You are seen by a consultant, aways the same, but the midwives do all the work really. Heard consultant fees are between 4-5k and lots of people are unhappy because they don't get the attention they expect when paying so much and also, the same consultants will visit public patients, so it seems that the main reason for going private is peace of mind (for those TTC v. long or with problems) and of course, the private room. However, you're not guaranteed a private room so you might end up in a public ward if all private rooms are taken. Going [b:6x8dn54r]semi-private[/b:6x8dn54r] - VHI will pay for 3 nights, Holles St. charges €594 per night. You are seen by a senior registrar (not a consultant). The lady at the booking office in Holles St. said when a couple has private insurance, they usually usually end up paying around €600-700 themselves. I rang VHI to get more information on what's covered and the girl on the phone said that VHI will cover for 3 day stay (up to 5 if a caesarian is needed) or more if there are complications (as long as the hospital will deem necessary), and will also pay for delivery (epi fees, c-section, etc). However, all doc visits and scans will be on us (but can claim back a total of €400 on them). Going [b:6x8dn54r]public [/b:6x8dn54r]- Heard lots of stories where people went private and were not happy and switched to public or SP or preferred public wards as opposed to a private room. Care seems to be the same with public as it's the same consultants that will visit you etc. First visit is with a consultant and the remaining visits are with his/her equipe of doctors, if there are any complications the consultant will see you anyway. As always, the midwives do all the work. Public care is entirely free if you've paid enough PRSI contributes over the years. Downsides are longer queues and waiting lists and a public ward. You get a minimum of 2 scan, first visit is at 16 weeks (that's regardless of whether you're private, SP or public), the first scan is at 20 weeks. As the weeks go by you're seen more and more often, and the last few weeks you're seen once a week. HTH :wv
beth100 Posts: 183
hi Sunsparks completely understand your dilemma - I went through exactly the same thing. The only people to help were my doctor and this website...otherwise its all up to yourself. We decided on semi-private in holles street, as private seemed v expensive (same prob with VHI - incredible really). Good luck with your choice!
leanbh1 Posts: 473
Can I just add in my tuppence here?Woodstock mentioned in her description of semi-private that you're not seen by the consultant.I'm semi-p and have been seen by the consultant on every single visit.Same as private.Only difference is,he probably wont be at the birth which doesn't bother me as the midwives do all the work! I personally think the combined care and going semi-p in Holles st is great.Best of both worlds! :wv