another stupid question,sorry ladies

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cookiemad Posts: 917
im due for a section next friday,baby is breech.all along was just happy to be on public ward if i went naturally,but now seeing as my stay will be longer in hos,was wondering if i should try for a semi private room.what i want to know is,will my quinn pay for all of it or will i have to pay for some,and is it a case of asking for semi p when i arrive in to admissions or will i ring tomo and see if i can get a semi p room .what do ye think??again sorry for stupid post but dont want to ring hos as they prob think im stoopid :o0 :o0 :o0
Mumslove Posts: 528
Sorry Ive no advice on this subject but I suppose theirs no harm in asking. Probably the chances are slim because your stay will be longer and im sure they'll need the room over your stay but Im interested to see what other people say about it as I might try it myself :-8
oddwire Posts: 842
Different hospitals have different policies as regards this so I would contact your hospital to find out - I know in Waterford you're either public or private and can't pay for a private room if you're public. If you do get it then I think Quinn should cover the cost for you, but again I would double check with them on it.
popplewell Posts: 110
Not sure what the situation would be, but just wanted to say best of luck on Friday. :thnk I was due to have c-section on Friday too but baby turned into position itself so have been left to my own devices now...
sunnygirl Posts: 1876
i'd imagine you wouldn't get on a semi private ward, as ladies going semi private all along would be taking up those beds (which there is a short supply of anyway!). but sure no harm in asking!!