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hopeful1973 Posts: 4385
...seems I'm full of stupid questions this afternoon! Married a few months, I'm very clucky - DH less so (doesn't even want to start thinking about it for a couple of years even though I'm already 33!). Anyway, have started reading the threads on here and was just wondering what some of the abbreviations mean e.g. AF and BFP (I got PT!). It all sounds so exciting - can't wait till we give it a go :eek thanks H x
bree Posts: 1880
AF - Aunt Flo ie.period BFP - big fat positive ( on pregnancy test that is ) BFN- Big fat negative : ( TBH - to be honest IYKWIM- if u know what i mean HTH- hope this helps trying to think of more...
hopeful1973 Posts: 4385
thanks bree, that's made things a lot clearer! H x
nic06 Posts: 454
Hi Hopeful, Welcome to the forum. How is the kitten doing ? Hopefully you will be joining the TTC (trying to conceive) gang next year.
hopeful1973 Posts: 4385
Hi Nic, Thanks ; ) Kitten's doing well - half the time she's adorable and half the time she's nuts. I tell you it's a lot more work than I thought it would be!!! I feel guilty leaving her in the morning cos she's at home all day on her own so I'm contemplating getting her a playmate. There's so many cats needing homes. Everyone keeps commenting on how it'll be "good practice for when you have a baby". Somehow I think a baby might be a bit more demanding! You're obviously TTCing already? My DH really isn't into it at all. Most of the time I can talk him around on issues we have but he's very seriously against trying for ages. I'm already 33 and it does worry me. Also my sis and her son (2) were over for a few days with us (they live abroad) and he's just the most adorable child (of course I'm biased!) that it makes me want one myself. H x
sally Posts: 1140
My hubby was like that when I suggested it first.... I was more or less ready to start trying september 05 but he was dead against it. He cane around eventually but still wanted to wait so we waited a year till this Sept to start trying which was good as we got the house sorted and are in a much better position money wise. Maybe you could have a bit of a chat and find out when he would like to start trying and in the mean time get yourself healthy and up to speed with all the TTC stuff while your waiting. Theres a lot more to it than I ever imagined
sally Posts: 1140
Just ready your a cat person too... we have two and they are spoiled rotten... they were loads of hard work at the start as they thought the sitting room was their litter tray but now they are all grown up and independent and want to be outside exploring most of the time. They are lovely and will be so jealous when or if we have a baby
hopeful1973 Posts: 4385
Hi sally We were lucky - our kitten was already house-trained Thank God so she knows exactly where to go - at least most of the time. there were a couple of days I came home to a few 'presents' left behind the curtains!!! Isn't there something about pregnant women not going near the cat litter tray as there's something in their waste that is not advisable to touch? I know I'm the one to clean out the tray all the time - possibly you are too? Maybe look into it? Yeah, I would imagine DH will come around to trying maybe next September(ish). That would be our first anniversary. My older sister said that her DH was never into it either - it was only when she had my nephew that he came around to the idea - looking at him now you'd never have imagined he wasn't 100% behind the idea! You're right as well - we're not badly off but we could be saving more and it would be a good idea to get into a better position financially - and physically!! H x