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Joleigh Posts: 4242
Which dress do you think is nicer? I like the straps on the first one but the detail on the second one and the ribbon too.
redb Posts: 347
Oh they are both gorgeous... I'd pick the first one and then see if i could get a different sash, maybe a tone darker, that might bring out the colour of the threads a bit. Good luck!!
stockbroking bride Posts: 2642
Much prefer Dress 1 - but that's prob because I don't like strapless wedding dresses very much.
Legs11 Posts: 163
2nd dress is lovely, but I think the first one is gorgeous.
Cailin deas Posts: 765
Really like them both - if I had to choose would probably go for no. 1 HTH :-8
Sugababe* Posts: 988
OMG I don't know !!!!! They are both fabuolous....But i think nuber 1......No number 2.....I dont know its impossible!!!
Astra Posts: 1409
Oh God they're both lovely but I think dress 1 just has the edge for me.
Ca cest moi Posts: 7855
Have to say for me it would have to be number one. I think it is beautiful.
ainm Posts: 2211
God this is tough. They're both gorgeous, again if i had to choose, i'd pick number 1.
Mrs Princess Sparkle Posts: 3854
Dress 2 is an absolute stunner. Who's the designer?