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sisi Posts: 169
Hi girls. I am nearly 18 weeks gone - had my first scan at 16 weeks in the Rotunda and they said I should start attending my ante-natal classes straight away. It doesn't really suit to go to the rotunda so they said I could do them in Swords. I have been in contact with the Swords Health Centre numerous times since. Eventually I got through to the nurse last week and she took my details and said the lady organising them would call me back, but I still haven't heard anything. Just rang again and got a voicemail! Anyone else do their classes there or around my area? Am getting a little panicked as not sure if I should have started by now?
Sassy Posts: 2269
I don't know much about the Swords clinic but i do know that you don't start you antenatal classess until you are between 28 and 30 weeks. So you are ok with time but if she doesn't contact you by friday i would try them again.
sisi Posts: 169
Thanks Sassy.. I thought I had loads of time too but when they said 16 weeks in the hospital, I got a bit panicked! They prob saythat as they are really busy etc. No word back yet but hopefully I'll hear from them soon .. they'll be sick of voicemails from me otherwise!