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Purple Tulip Posts: 3442
has anybody started these yet? what are they like?
jellybaby Posts: 2316
Haven't started them yet, but from reading other boards, it really seems to differ depending on where you do them. My sis started hers last week. The first class they went through the different types of pain relief available to them, as well as different options for the early stages of labour. They were shown the labour ward, and that was pretty much it for that class. There are two left for her to do. Some areas do 6 classes, others do 3 or 4, so not sure what the difference is. Mine don't start for another 7 weeks :|
Purple Tulip Posts: 3442
i have my 1st this evening it is only an introduction class and then you do a block of 6 i'm looking forward to them it feels like it is getting close.
jellybaby Posts: 2316
That's great that they start so soon Mrs E! When I had my booking in appt at the hospital, the midwife told me to call and book them at about 18 weeks. So I called at 18 weeks, and your woman on the phone laughed and asked why was I booking so early :shock:! She said that as I wasn't due til Dec (June at the time) that I should call back in Sept to book them. Had a gp appt then in early August, and my gp (who was pregnant herself - has since had her baby) asked if I'd booked them. I told her what happened. She said not to pay any attention to your woman and to call back and book, or I wouldn't be able to get a space. Sure enough, when I called back that day, the earliest they could fit me in was end of Oct :roll:! Enjoy the class, let us know how it goes!
letty Posts: 444
i started mine on monday, in rotunda, i found it to be good, people told me ah dont bother going, but coz i felt so thick and havent got a clue about babies, (im just reading books) i went and the first hour was about labour, how you know you are in labour and the 3 signs, and then the 2nd hour was on the mats and pillows, showing you how to get in and out of bed, how to work your abdomen muscles....pelvic tilts,,,, and most of all your breathing,,,i think if its your first defo go, coz even the midwife said they can tell if you have done the classes and who hasnt when your in labour,,, p.s most men go, i was amazed to see so many, so im dragging my h2b next week....
Lucy D Posts: 91
I did an all day session as oppossed to splitting it over 6 weeks just though I know there would be nights that I would be too tired to want to go or DH wouldn't be able to make it. So did an all day session with earlydaze was in Marriott Hotel in Druids Glen got tea/coffee break with yummy biscuits and a lunch all included I thought it was great to to get it over and done with in one go, I would recommend it.
Lisa_B Posts: 56
LUcy that sounds good -where do you get the info on it?
scott Posts: 106
I started mine on Tueday and have 3 tuesdays left, did'nt really know what to expect but found it good. Tuesday gone was about pre-labour really, next week is about labour and we are going to shown the labour ward, next one is then about excising and the final class is with District Nurse, found it interesting enough and so did hubby, hopefully I will feel the same after next weeks class.... Hey Letty, how you feeling me due the 29th Oct, can't believe how quick the time is going by,only 5 weeks to work to maternity leave, really don't know where the time has gone lately. Me feeling fine, can be wrecked one day and then flying the next....all depends on how my sleep goes really
Purple Tulip Posts: 3442
hey the class i had last night was just an introduction class outlining what the next 6 classes would be like, i'm not goin to start my block of 6 until late oct, they say as long as you have them done by the time your 36/37 wks is fine.
Lucy D Posts: 91
Hi Lisa B all info you need is on this website