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NotHere Posts: 10273
Mine are starting in a couple of weeks....what kind of things happen in them? I'm clueless :-8
Lady Di Posts: 2487
I'd like to know too, mine aren't starting till September is that very late do you think? I'd say we've learnt all we need to know though here from WOL!! :o0
bibikay Posts: 644
Well, in ours (UCHG), they went through labour in detail, (complete with graphics for the clueless!), discussed the different types of pain relief available to you (everything from visualization, to birthing ball, pool, gas, epidural, breathing, etc etc) , showed video promoting breastfeeding, spoke about the different positions that women may adopt during birth, got us to practice breathing in various positions (and partners were put practicing back massage) , they told us what to do when it's our time (i.e. when to call the hosp, when to stay at home a while longer, what door to come in, what buttons to press if it's after hours etc etc), took us on tour of the labour ward, showed us the different equipment in the rooms and what it's used for (which I found great,took the mystery out of it when we were brought to the room during labour). I'm sure each hospital has their classes structured differently, but I'm sure they all cover pretty much the same info as above. They are also there to answer ANY question.... no matter how stupid! And, it's amazing some of the funny things people ask about, or that the partners ask about, but different people have different things preying on their minds. Look forward to the classes ladies.... (with a bit of luck I'll be putting my classes to use again on March 30th next year.... BFP last night ...yay!!!!) HTH!
Lady Di Posts: 2487
Sounds good Bibikay. I'm not having mine in a hospital, its a one day course in the Marriott Hotel in Druids Glen, so we'll miss out on the delivery suite tour but I'll get over that!!
Mama Dora Posts: 14987
Ours is not until September either 5wks before Im due Lady Di,I think its better because if you have them too early,especially me I might forget :-8 Ours is private too so we wont see the delivery room
30thmay2006 Posts: 235
any one know if i have to book them for the rotunda hospital? if so can i just ring and put my name down, if you dont want to do them in the hospital (its too awkward for me to go in each week as the parking is a nightmare) can i do them locally in blanchardstown, will i have to pay for them, if i dont do them in the hospital? sorry for all the questions...
sunshiniest Posts: 303
Congratulations on your BFP Bibikay and thanx for all the info on the classes :thnk
bibikay Posts: 644
[quote="sunshiniest":suiim9dd]Congratulations on your BFP Bibikay and thanx for all the info on the classes :thnk[/quote:suiim9dd] Ta!
Lady Di Posts: 2487
Just seeing you got a BFOP now bibikay - CONGRATS!! :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll
Mama Dora Posts: 14987
Me too congratulations :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll