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Hi all.Just about to book our antenatal classes.Does anyone know does Holles Street charge for their course or is it included when you go semi-private? Also, is it an hour a week for 6 weeks? Any help much appreciated
Woodstock Posts: 1565
I was just onto them today to find out too, have a look at this page: The classes are free during the day unless you want to do them in the evenings (5.30 pm) in which case there's a charge of €65 for the whole course. It's a set of 5 classes, to be taken once a week, from week 28 to week 32. Each class is 1 hr. The nurse on the phone said that it's a good time to be booking them now as they have a pretty big backlog so it's best to book as early as possible. I still have to book mine, hopefully in the next few days.. The phone numbers to the Antenatal Education are: 6373499 and 6373534 HTH Posts: 229
Thanks a mill.Thats pretty cheap.Am trying to decide whether or not to do a 1 day one near me here.Husband would prob rather that but it's 200euro :o(
smurf77 Posts: 2216
I am doing the couples one in NMH during the day and Dh only came to three (the labour ones) as the midwife said these are ones he should come to. He really enjoyed them and Margaret Fallon the midwife is so funny and makes all the men laugh! I also heard the Doreen Buckley one day course is great for the lads. My pharmacist said she went and it was great Best of luck whatever you deciede