Antenatal classes - 2 hour introductory class

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leila1 Posts: 25
Hi there I have a 2 hour introductory class tomorrow morning with the Co*mbe. The other 5 classes will then start in September as I'm due in November. Does anyone know what the introductory class is all about and if it is worth going to? It's a 8.15am and I am having second thoughts about dragging my bones out of bed to attend. Thanks :wv
allexcitednow Posts: 654
my intro class was in 4 parts - about 30mins each. 1- physiotherapist -all about posture and exercises and limitations such as lifting. 2-nutrition (basicly eat loads of fruit and veg) take you iron, drink loads of water. 3- was about your legal entitlements, maternity benifit, leave for mums-to-be and thier partners. and the 4 was with the midwife who recaped on the nutrition and discussed what to do if you think you are in premature labour (just in case) she also went through the content of all the other classes.
leila1 Posts: 25
Thanks for that allexcitednow Not sure what I'll do. Sounds useful so will have to think about it. :wv