Antenatal classes at the Rotunda

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buttercupbabe Posts: 1224
Girls, I'd love to hear from some of you that have done the antenatal classes in the Rotunda. I think Im very late trying to organise mine. Rang the Rotunda & they sent me out two sheets. One is called Information about Parenthood classes but doesnt give schedule (days or times) or prices. Are these free? The second is called Private preparation for parenthood & obviously isnt free & this gives a rough schedule. It doesnt say what days the evening classes are on but gives times.... On the preparation for parenthood class sheet there are six different classes listed & I think I'd like to do classes 2 - 6. I'd also be interested to hear if they do any sort of class on breastfeeding. There's no mention of it on either sheet. Ill have to ring them again tmw to get more details & check availability but I just wanted to hear from some who may have already completed some of these :-8 Thanks
pag Posts: 633
I attended the hospital classes in Rotunda. There was a general information class around 20-26weeks where they gave info on pelvic floor exercises, diet, social welfare, and ran through the remaining classes. Once the first class was done, the parent education dept sent out the dates for the remaining classes. Class 2 and 6 were physio ones and I def would recommend them. I found the dates were really awkward (one week it was monday, next week it was a tuesday , then thurs, etc - they were all different dates and times). I didn't attend the other classes so can't advise. Any classes in the evening or weekend have an additional cost. I don't know anything about breastfeeding class - I did a private class with a lactation consultant near my area.
littlemama Posts: 471
hi buttercupbabe, as pag was saying classes 2 and 6 are the physio ones and are all about labour. the ones in between are held in the parent ed dept and cover general care of baby, like feeding (incl breastfeeding), bathing, sleeping etc. I think in class 3 they also run through the options of pain relief and we got to see one of the delivery suites. there's a free breastfeeding workshop in the Rotunda at 6pm every Thursday, i found it very good. Ring 01 817 1700 to book a place.
buttercupbabe Posts: 1224
Thanks girls. I sent them an email yesterday & just called & left a voicemail so hopefully Ill hear back from someone shortly