antenatal classes cumh -what to expect (what to wear?)

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baby-bel Posts: 929
Hi girls, Have any of you had your antenatal classes at cumh -they run for 3weeks, 2 hours each. Mine start Tuesday so I just wondered what to expect and also is there anything in particular that I should wear?
bring it on aug 07 Posts: 414
I have just started my ante natal classes although in a different hopsital and county i am sure they are pretty much the same. So far its just been talks from the mid wife and breathing exercises from the physiotherapist. You can wear what you feel comfy in. Mine were during work hours so went in my work clothes as we were sitting most of the time. Hope this helps :wv
woc Posts: 156
Hi, I had my antenatal classes in CUMH and found them great. It went on for two hours (even though it went over a bit each day) for three weeks. First day was mid-wife and she went through 1st stage & pain relief, then we met with physiotherapist who talked about different positions and pelvic floor excercises. Second week there was more talking from mid-wife about second stage & more talk on pain relief and we got to see a video of actual labour & birth. That week we also had a talk from Tony Kealy's re importance of car seat & statistics re car accidents etc. Final week we had mid-wife again talking about third stage, delivery of placenta etc. Then we did a tour of hospital saw where we would into first, & then saw rooms, onto labour ward. Midwife also went through basics as to how to hold baby, bathe, feed etc. Finally a lady came in to talk to us about Post Natal Depression & its effects, importance to recognise et etc. We got various handouts like what to take to hospital, pain relief etc.. Very informative. As to what to wear, whatever you are comfortable in. We were just sitting in chairs around in circle, however the room did get quiet warm so I'd advise be able to remove layers in case you get too warm. Besides that anything goes!! Enjoy.
baby-bel Posts: 929
Thanks a mil girls, all I knew about antenatal classes was what you see on telly where everyone was on the ground breathing etc so I wondered if I should wear a tracksuit but thankfully not! Cheers :wv