Antenatal Classes Holles Street

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Bundleofjoy Posts: 38
Hi Girls Hope everyone is keeping well, I have a few ( well lots ) of questions that i need your help with, Im attending Holles Street and when i had my first appoinment the lady gave me the number to ring and book my antenatal classes. What i was wondering was, When do i need to book these? How long gone are woman normally before they attend the classes? Are they mid week? Does your husband/partner come with you? Am i entilited to time off work to attend? thanks for your help girls, its just one other thing to mark off my list :thnk :wv :wv
NewMom1 Posts: 1252
you should book asap as they fill up fairly quick, you should be about 30 weeks when you start to go. You are entitled to time off to go to them and it is ideal if your partner can go but not necessary, my DH remembered all of the info whereas with my pregnancy mush brain I forgot it all They are actually really enjoyable, the set up in Holles St is really good. Best of luck
hoodieboodie Posts: 1200
Doublel has answered everything there; just to add that the classes are Mon-Fri and you can either go around lunchtime which are free or else in the late afternoon/early evening when you have to pay for the classes. Book as soon as you can; with the baby boom it is harder getting a prenatal class. Good luck with your pregnancy :wv
Moe21 Posts: 85
Just wondering if anyone knows how long the antenatal classes in Holles Street last. There are 5 classes so I just want to be able to tell my boss how long I'll be gone for each time. If anyone has done these recently how long were you in HS for each time? Thanks!
BipsyBoo Posts: 1534
I started mine at 32 weeks. I did them Wednesdays at 11am and they were usually over and done with by noon. There was one where the midwife told us in advance it would be closer to an hour and a half. My H2B came with me to mine and found them great. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy :o)ll :o)ll