Antenatal Classes in Rotunda

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octbride2007 Posts: 774
ladies, Has anyone done the antenatal classes in the Rotunda? If so, how did go about booking and when did you book? Also how where they?
greenandred Posts: 318
Hi there, I just started the free one's this morning, you go along any Monday morning to the physiotherapy department for 10am - you will get your bookings for the rest of the classes at this one - there is 6 classes in total. You can do a 1 day class if you want but there is a charge! hth... :wv
jojo22 Posts: 55
Does anyone else think the times of these classes are a bit daft? Like are we entitled to these days off or will they have to be taken as holiday days??
greenandred Posts: 318
You are entitled to paid time off as part of your mat benefit
octbride2007 Posts: 774
thanks greenandred....did your partner/hubby come with you?
greenandred Posts: 318
Not for the 1st one he comes on 2 & 6 :wv